Freaks: Toy Store Worker Fired For Ending “50 Shades Of Grey” Chop-Down Sessions With 60-Year-Old Employer!

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The things people do for money…

Toy Store Worker Fired For Not Having Rough Sex With Boss

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This was one bad Santa.

The owner of an upper East Side children’s toy store was slapped with a lawsuit accusing him of forcing an employee into a master-slave sex relationship.
Amanda Reyes, 26, a former manager at Fantastic Kids Toys on Third Ave., said boss Steven Reis fired her after she tried to get out of having regular rough-sex sessions with him, a lawsuit filed Friday claims.

Reyes’ attorneys said she was “forced to engage in an ongoing sexual relationship” with the sixtysomething shopkeeper that “included increasing acts of ‘rough’ sexual activities, including hitting, slapping and biting,” in exchange for employment and rent.

The young woman tried to break it off when she began dating a hunky new NYPD squeeze in June, but claims Reis — who demanded she “meet twice a week for those sexual encounters” — refused to take no for an answer.

Times are tough but cotdamn shawty…SMFH

Reyes was hired at $10 an hour in December 2010 and was promoted to store manager around the time their master-slave relationship began in March 2012, the suit says.

Attorney Walker Harman said the two played sex games that included “role-playing and simulations of sorts.”

He added, “It would take place at her apartment. As part of her compensation, he was paying her rent among other expenses.”

Reyes, who has a young daughter, believed it to be “a manipulative master-servant type of relationship,” her attorney said.

“She was a single mother, trying to take care of a young child and she felt totally and completely manipulated and taken advantage of,” Harman added.

She allegedly lost her $60,000-per-year gig on Aug. 29 when she tried to break off the relationship.

Sweetheart, for all of that, you might as well just be a stripper. At least you don’t HAVE to choke that geriatric chicken to pay your rent. Smarten up, bands will make you dance.

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