Smooch Cam: The Most Candid, Awkward And Sloppy Celebrity Smooches Of 2012

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Candid Kisses From 2012

Awww we love seeing love in the air. When a couple is really feeling lovey dovey and it’s genuine, we can’t get enough of it. But, you know, sometimes it’s also sort of funny. Basically, seeing people play tonsil hockey is always entertaining.

Just looking at these pics from this year brings us so much joy. Take a look at the most infamous kisses of 2012.

Erica Mena – She got kissy faced with some chick at a club and it made us happy to watch. Don’t mind us, Erica.

Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo – We love this couple.

Suelyn Medeiros – They’re not actually kissing here but who cares? They’re about to kiss and the cakes tell the story.

Barack and Michelle – They totally made out on the kiss cam and all of us said, “awww” as soon as it happened. You know she broke him off afterwards.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez – They were so young and in love…

Unnamed Lesbian Couple – They raged against the machine and kissed in front of Chik-Fil-A to protest their stance on gay marriage.

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    Kanye and Kimmy Cakes – This was their first public kiss (or one of them). Happy, Internets?

    Marines – These marines kissed in front of the American flag to commemorate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

    Katy Perry and Rihanna – They’re all smooching on the cheeks…so we’ll have to imagine the rest. 😦

    Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana – Their little swirly goodness was fun to watch.

    Chris Brown and Rihanna – This was the liplock heard ’round the world. Poor Karrueche.

    JR Smith and K Michelle – JR went from chopping down Tahiry at a Holiday Inn Express to putting his tongue all down K Michelle’s vocal cords. But he denied going any further.

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