Did You Know?? Pregnant Beached Whale Left Stranded In Breezy Point To Die!

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One of the hardest hit areas during Hurricane Sandy had another natural disaster today.

According to The Daily Mail, the pregnant mother was already sick and injured when rescuers came to it’s side:

A live beached whale washed ashore in New York’s Breezy Point but it may not stay that way for long.

Firemen and rescue workers are spraying the whale with water in hopes of keeping it alive, but when marine mammal experts arrived on the scene they said that it would be best to let the sick whale die naturally.

‘The whale is severely emaciated. It’s in very bad shape. It’s a very sick whale,’ said Kim Durham, a representative from the Riverhead Foundation in Long Island.

‘Picking it up…would be inhumane at this point,’ she told Newsday.

‘Probably we’ll let nature take its turn with this animal.’

The whale is thought to be anywhere between 30 and 50 feet in length and most likely is a female humpback. The whale is thought to be pregnant, but that has not been confirmed.

‘I haven’t seen a whale like this in Breezy since I was a kid,’ local Joan Washington told The New York Post.

The Breezy Point neighborhood in Queens has had its share of emergency activity this fall, as it was one of the hardest-hit areas during Hurricane Sandy.

The whale was called in around 10.40am on Wednesday morning and volunteer fire fighters responded as best they could.

‘They couldn’t get the pump going so I was using a bucket to keep her nice and wet,’ said Ed Manley, a man who came from Florida to help out at Point Breeze ever since the hurricane.

The whale was reportedly moving its flippers and opening its mouth which a biologist told The New York Times were signs of stress.

‘When large whales strand, it’s very difficult,’ Mendy Garron from the National Marine Fisheries Service told the paper.

The whale was reportedly spotted by Lou Bassolino, a 66-year-old Breezy Point resident who regularly drives to the beach in the morning searching for his boat that washed away months ago.

This morning, he told Newsday that he got his wife and grown daughters to help try and save the whale by doing the first thing Google suggested: pour water on it.

‘We’ve been through so much devastation here, we just wanted to save something. We wanted to save that whale,’ Mr Bassolino said.

With all the violence that’s been going on, we’re glad to hear some people out there are doing good things.

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