Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza To Have His DNA Studied To Determine If “Psycho Gene” Was Present!!

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Sometimes you can’t explain crazy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try

Adam Lanza To Have His DNA Studied For Gene Mutations

Via ABCNews

Geneticists have been asked to study the DNA of Adam Lanza, the Connecticut man whose shooting rampage killed 27 people, including an entire first grade class.

The study, which experts believe may be the first of its kind, is expected to be looking for abnormalities or mutations in Lanza’s DNA.

Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver has reached out to University of Connecticut’s geneticists to conduct the study.

University of Connecticut spokesperson Tom Green says Carver “has asked for help from our department of genetics” and they are “willing to give any assistance they can.”

Green said he could not provide details on the project, but said it has not begun and they are “standing by waiting to assist in any way we can.”

Geneticists not directly involved in the study said they are likely looking at Lanza’s DNA to detect a mutation or abnormality that could increase the risk of aggressive or violent behavior. They could analyze Lanza’s entire genome in great detail and try to find unexpected mutations.

As usual, there are some folks who are skeptical about this study.

This seems to be the first time a study of this nature has been conducted, but it raises concerns in some geneticists and others in the field that there could be a stigma attached to people with these genetic characteristics if they are able to be narrowed down.

Hey, if we can determine WHO the crazy muhfuggas are BEFORE they shoot up a school, shopping mall, or church, then let’s do it!

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