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Amerie, who is known for randomly putting in her two cents has some advice for Britney Spears:

“I like her single Gimme More, but I think something with really high bursts of energy – something like my song Gotta Work – would have been cool for her. She needs to move more. I don’t really know her situation, but for myself I am not a drinker, I am not a smoker and I have never done drugs. I think that has a lot to do with keeping yourself on track. She wasn’t in the right place and the song went on my album. If she wants to do something I would totally be there. If we did I’m sure it would be great and a lot of fun.”

Yeah, Amerie, who has even heard your song “Gotta Work”?


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  • pllll

    lets not front , ” britney is the hottest chick in the game right now ” … why , because everybody keeps talking about her …

  • http://www.TheShoeGame.com G-Roc


  • http://www.mactanque.com Mactanque

    she is crazy…

    full gallery


  • Eye

    Amerie is not news. She doesn’t have the pipes. End of story. She is better off playing at cabaras!

  • http://blackwiz.biz Tiray

    Britney got that warped sense of marketing strategy from ya-girl Madonna! ( Madonna give her some trade secrets, and their working)

    Unfortunately ,gossip,hurt,and a nice face will sell millions!

    Maybe u outta put yourself out there LIKE THAT Amerie!

    Britney’s album will sell millions in ADVANCE! OPPS, SHE DID IT AGAIN!




  • NoWAY

    I feel sorry for Amerie. That nose job and those short shorts are getting to her head.

  • Mahogany

    On a marketing level…

    If that chick does indeed make $700,000/mth, I’m sure she’s probably not checking for “gotta work”.

    Some producer gave away another song intended for Britney, or was this it??

    Producers want their songs to be heard.

    I like Amerie but “1 thing” was just that.

    All she needs, I think, is the right song and she’ll be getting talked about 2!! Good and bad.

  • http://hey.com WTF

    IF SHE CAN JUST RELEASE SOME ALBUMS THAT ARE WORTH SOMETHING, then maybe she can talk..about MS. SPEARS! Amerie, is nothing!

  • Setting the Record Straight

    i agree. Britney may be messed up in the head. but she can produce records. im not a fan of pop music. but that song gimme more is nice.

    but great way to put your name on the main stream Amerie. working with Britney would be the exposure that you need.

  • ayo

    ahem, ACTUALLY, i have heard it. it’s one of the main jumpoffs on my ipod. a good look, indeed. but, yeah, that prolly makes me and three otha people. see ur point. maybe…?

  • lacyd

    What person told Amarie that she was A-List. If you ran that statement by Britney Spears, she would probably not even know who was talking about her. I never liked her, never knew what the minor facination was with her whenever she did have a piece of the spotlight.

  • nono

    who cares. NEXT!

  • hey

    Maybe Amerie should just seriously consider going into modeling and producing and leave the singing/performing to others. She’s cute and can carry tune but so can a lot of people. The limelight just doesn’t seem to be for her.

    Anyway, Angie Stone has a new album out, “The Art of Love and War”. you can stream it here http://www.mp3.com/artist/angie-stone/summary/?tag=download;play

  • crest

    amerie always had the face and legs but her breasts look nice in that picture she must have on a push up bra or she go implants. she needs to get into acting if he wants to make money her again because her music career in america is over.

  • Buckwheat

    The problem with Amerie:

    1) Zero charisma

    2) Unexceptional voice (Not bad, but not great)

    3) Non-existant sex-appeal (Wouldn’t kick it out of bed, but wouldn’t break my neck to invite her either)

    4) She ain’t got no AZZ! (She makes Olive Oyl look like The BABY GOT BACK POSTER GIRL)

  • me

    she’s so irrelevant now. instead of doling out advice to someone that still has a salvageable career and a strong enough fan base to peddle her music to, she needs to get on her grind creating it for herself.

  • hiphoper

    lol at Amerie

    check this:


  • it's me

    I’m laughing at Amerie because she really giving advice to Britney like her career is the sh*t, like she’s a somebody in the music industry. She had two or three sporadic hits out of three albums. What is that? One hit every other cd..child boo

  • Tasha Mack

    She should have just said no comment or she liked her single and left it at that. She just had to put it out there that she don’t drink or smoke. Well good for you.

  • Lili

    LOL I’m sure the song was for Britney first, but still. As messed up as Britney is, “Gimme More” gets 100x more play than “Gotta Work”. Seriously, Amerie.

  • lucky

    Baytch Pleazee Amerie you ass so irrelevant.Instead of throwing some else advice how about this take some of your own because only place you ass hot at that’s in england so who needs to be talking to who

    sniping Rhianna moves

  • D.Anthony

    Y’all a fool for this one. LOL. I wonder if it was one of them tracks Ne-Yo never got paid for doing for Britney and he gave it away? Amerie “Gotta Work” on stepping her game up.

  • ohnoudient

    Amerie giving advice? Now that ish is rich. How long she been down, two minutes? Girl you need to be taking notes, not speaking on stuff you still learning.

  • Akimbo

    The only time Amerie’s mouth should be open is during singing lessons.

    Listen at one no-talent trying to comment on another! Rihanna, Amerie, Ashanti, Tearra Marie, Hilary Duff, Ashley Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Nivea should have a roundtable discussion on exactly how useless they all are.

  • Unimpressed

    Yawn…did Annie Mae just say something? Trying to bring attention to her own wack song by commenting on someone else’s tragedy. Too bad Britney doesn’t have time to give little Annie Mae some advice. Britney’s too busy actually having a career. If Annie Mae really wants to help Britney, she should tell her where she gets her weave done.

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