Is Tom Cruise Tearing This Pretty Young Thang’s Tender Cakes To Smithereens???

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Talk about “fairy” tale romance. Tom Cruise picked up his latest romantic interest at one of our favorite LES spots Beauty & Essex.

Via Daily News reports:

Less than six months after his divorce from Katie Holmes, the 50-year-old “Jack Reacher” star had a passionate pas-de-deux with Cynthia Jorge, a brunette Fresh Meadows native half his age, including some dirty dancing at the trendy Mulberry St. club, Le Baron, on Dec. 18.

The hookup came two days after Jorge attempted the “Mission: Impossible,” slipping her card to Cruise after a lunch at Beauty & Essex, the lower East Side restaurant she manages, according to In Touch magazine.

“He was mesmerized by Cynthia,” a witness to the salsa dance interlude told In Touch, which broke the story. “She had her hair in a bun, wore tight black pants and looked gorgeous.

“At one point, they began grinding together. It was straight out of ‘Dirty Dancing.’ Tom seemed to be in his own world, completely smitten.”

He wasn’t only in his own world — he was just a few subway stops from the apartment of his ex-wife Katie Holmes in nearby Chelsea.

But the head doorman at the Le Baron nightclub, who refused to give his name, doubted the dirty-dancing episode ever occurred.

“I was here all night and I didn’t see him,” the doorman told the Daily News. “I read about it and I was surprised. If he was here, I would have seen him. I don’t believe it. It didn’t happen here.”

A source said the action hero and Jorge, 26, are not currently an item — and a relative of Jorge’s expressed surprise at the news of his cousin’s close encounter with the Hollywood hunk.

“I don’t know what to say. What would you say if your cousin was dating Tom Cruise?” said Pietro Jorge, 25.

He wouldn’t comment on whether the pair are in a relationship, but he did say Cruise would be the lucky one if there is: “She’s nice. She’s outgoing. She’s a people person,” he said.

Jorge’s also not seemingly ready for her closeup. After news of Jorge’s star-studded dance date went public, her bosses at Beauty & Essex asked her to stay home Wednesday night.

“She’s a sweetheart,” a restaurant worker at the posh eatery told the News. “She’s not working tonight. They called her off work because of (the media scrutiny).”

Jorge may not be a regular on the red carpet, but the 2008 Boston University graduate has made a name for herself in a few short years in New York City’s culinary world.

“As a New Yorker, I have learned that in order to succeed, one must work fast, strike hard and make every move count,” she wrote on her Linked In profile.

Jorge previously worked at Benvenuti Public Relations firm and as the marketing director at Benjamin’s Steakhouse in midtown.

“She was a hard worker,” said a floor manager at Benjamin’s.

She told six months ago that she liked her job at Benjamin’s because she enjoyed, “meeting new people, from CEOs to celebrities to just really interesting people in the industry.”

In the topsy-turvy world of silver screen romances, it’s not uncommon for stars to connect with civilians. Matt Damon dated and later married bartender Luciana Barroso, who he met in Miami. Nicholas Cage met his current wife Alice Kim, 21 years his junior, when she waited on him at a Los Angeles restaurant.

“We have seen this with a lot of people in Hollywood where they say, ‘Maybe it’s better if I date someone who’s not famous,’” In Touch Weekly senior editor Dorothy Cascerceri told the News.

“She’s just an average kind of girl from Queens, but she’s beautiful and Tom Cruise seems to be very taken by her.”

At the end of night, the witness said Cruise played the role of perfect gentleman, ordering a private car to whisk her home to distant Queens.

“People love these kind of stories because it gives them hope that it could happen to them. It’s like winning the lottery,” says Cascerceri.

Tom Cruise has a horrible track record with women. That said, if you were Cynthia would you still try to keep it popping with Tom in hopes that he’d “show you the money”???

Photo Credit: Rob Rich/WENN

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