Political Analyst Claims NRA Purposely Incites The Killing Of Black People, “It Should Be Called National Racist Association” [Video]

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Does this guy make sense or is his theory a lil wacky? Then again he can’t be any more delusional than the head of the NRA, riiiiight?

In an interview with an international outlet called Press TV, Randy Short of The Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Organization makes claims that the NRA is actually a racist organization that seeks to put guns in the hands of people to kill blacks.

You can watch the video below:

Press TV: What do you think about the NRA calling on Americans to provide weapons for schools just like Israel?


Well I think that they are at least looking at another settler colony and how they deal with problems so they want to borrow, it is appropriate that you have a state with racism and violence at its core and they look to Israel to borrow that.

Now I need to say that the NRA is very hypocritical because you already have the people with the guns at the schools that black and brown children go to so to make it seem as if it is not already police state handling of children in this country who happen not to be white but now are almost the majority, he doesn’t even know the country that he lives in and the case of Israel that is dishonest and hypocritical because Israel does not allow for the sorts of high power assault rifles that the NRA wants and everyone knows that the NRA was established in the same year that the United States government outlawed white terrorist groups, so there is a link.

So in Israel they want the guns in the hands of the people that can handle Palestinians and the NRA people want the guns in the hands of the folks who would deal with people who look like me.

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