Dr. Dre’s Son OD’d on Heroin and Morphine

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Posted by Bossip Staff

The coroner report came back on Dr. Dre’s son who suddenly died last year:

Dr. Dre’s son, Andre Young Jr., died from an overdose of heroin and morphine, the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner confirmed to PEOPLE on Friday. “This case has been closed, it’s been ruled an accident due to morphine and heroin intoxication,” coroner spokesman Larry Dietz told PEOPLE. The drug test results had been pending for four months.

Young, 20, was found unresponsive by his mother, Jenita Porter, 40, in their Woodland Hills, Calif., home on the morning of Aug. 23.

Our prayers go out to the Young family. RIP.


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    That is messed up. Keep on rapping bout drugs & guns.

  • AAA

    ^^Ditto. Don’t do drugs!

  • Tracey

    Well his daddy promoting that shit all through his rapping life!

  • http://myspace.com/mockrockstar Mock Rock Star Cares

    My heart goes out to him and hope that he mad peace before he left…………
    Now, entertainers are usually careless about things they do…I can’t say Dre promoted drugs (never was into his music), but he did have crappy music that encourage such behavior…I hope he can turn this into something positive


    RIP I don’t even remember hearing about this but I know I did. That just goes to show how fast things get booted out the way. It’s always a shame to hear about a young person losing their life feverously(sp?)

  • Tracey

    John Travolta son just died of medical complications, I have more sympathy for him, that is for sure.

  • http://Bossip.com jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Maybe he was depressed…I dunno. R.I.P.

  • Necy

    WOW, this rich kids have too much and no hobbies… so they spend their time getting into trouble and doing stupid drugs…. sad, sad

  • memchee

    my prayers for him and his family.

    I surprised somone so young using morphine and heroin.

  • CoCoPops

    Poor guy..it is so incredibly unfortunate.


    Aww that is sad RIP.

  • Oshie

    The rich die young. RIP.

  • http://jcock23@hotmail.com Lite skin Sin

    Damn yo kids dropping like flies…Today John Travolta’s son died too.

  • http://bossip AKeys STAN

    No Powders or Pills thats the Rule Man!

  • About it

    Oh what money can buy………
    OD on two illegal substances and it is ruled an accidental OD.
    RIP Young Dre, with a father like Dr. Dre, you never had a chance.

  • http://Afo.net Britt

    My heart goes out to his mother, this is what happens when these black kids want to fit in with ohter kids, espically WHITE KIDS, they end up doing what the other kids are doing, and dying. Teach your kids to stay away from drugs, just beacuse everybody else is doing it.And where was Dre, did he spend any time with this young man. Did he feel like he mattered in his Dad life.

  • Special K

    @ Tracey why do you have more sympathy didn’t they both lose a child? You don’t think it hurts the same? I think it hurts just as much if not more John Travolta’s son has been sick and also suffered from a mild form of autism but Dre has to now deal with the guilt of knowing he could have done something different to prevent his childs death.

  • danny

    what? no SMH Bossi[p editors? if this were a white celebrity’s son, it’d be mass ridicule. damn coons….

  • WeStKoaSt

    Tell ’em ya’ll better leave those drugs alone!

  • http://bossip AKeys STAN

    Where were the Parents?????????

  • Special K

    @ AKEYS Stan

    He was 20 years old they can’t monitor everything he does. I mean think about when you were 20?

  • dubdub2000

    @Britt: of course we all know heroin addiction is a white disease…(SMH)…ignorant twat, keep on with the denial, it’s sure to help the community.

    As for Danny, the last bit was unwarranted, the first bit was spot on though, had it been a white kid BOSSIP would have dissed his poor ass non stop. Neither would have deserved it, for they would both have been clearly suffering to go down that path.

    But yeah, moral of the day 2fold:
    1-what goes around comes around, with all the negativity Dre promoted over the years despite his brother’s death, it’s not surprising that in the end it would bite him in the ass in this life or the next.
    2- Money cant buy you no peace of mind with your kids (or anything else mind you except a roff over your head and food in your belly), in fact probably more the opposite (mo money mo problems, ring a bell?).

    RIP to JT’s autistic son (who probably was not medicated due to his parents’ CO$ beliefs) and RIP again to Dre’s Son who just couldnt hold it down.

    It’s all sad

  • dontfcukwitme

    So sad I am shocked. I thought maybe he smoked cronic or drunk too much but heroine and morphine….wow!

  • Pynk (Digital girl......)

    This is so sad.

  • roosevelt taylor

    It is every parents nightmare to bury their child.

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