Ja Rules Thinks No Cents Has Admiration for Him

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Ja Rule is still talking sh*t on Curtis:

“He wanted to be where I was at. He wanted to be me. He just didn’t know how to go about it. He didn’t know how to go about and say, ‘Yo, Ja, I want to do a record with you.’ So his thing to get in the game was to insult everyone in the business. I think he really, really admires me. He admires my work, he admires my music, my talent level. He admires all of that. But I don’t see him as a talent. Because for me he’s more of a spectacle. And that’s why he’s not meeting the bar [right now]. When you come in this business as a spectacle, you’re gonna have a short-lived career. Because now every time you drop, you have to meet that spectacle. People aren’t looking for the music anymore [from him]. It’s [a matter of,] can you match the intensity of the spectacle you created on your last project? His projects aren’t even about the music. Every record he puts out is about the other artist he’s [been] aligned with [to battle].”


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  • Keeping It Real

    Im first…but who really cares…lol

  • Pookie and em

    He can’t be serious.

  • nay

    I am not a fan of fifty but you must respect his game he came out secound but he sold almost 700,000 that is still a lot of chedder what did Ja sell on his last cd lol


    Wanna be DMX. He really needs to chill. Dont get me wrong I really aint no Fiddy fan but regardless how his records are doing he still knows how to get money in other avenues.

  • Sandy

    well Ja rule is right about no sense!!! he’s a spectacle and no one is really checking for his music anymore, everyone wants the drama associated with him!

  • http://www.wooohah.com Yeti

    Yea Ja Rule is just trying to get any PR he can at this point. He should just quit.


    Where hip-hop and Hollywood collide

  • M. DOT

    Ja makes some sense with what he’s saying. The bottom line though is that it is a very fickle industry…..one day you can be HOT and the next day no one is checking for you.

  • ko

    Ja what are you talkin about. Give it up, your rapping/crooning career is over. 50 said it right, Murdaaa…I don’t believe you.

  • Shasta

    Ja when fiddy said you were gay you went and hid. It’s been how many years and now you talking-crawl back under that rock and STFU

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com Bird

    I think Ja hit the nail on the head. I also think karma is smacking Ja in the face. Allegedly, this whole beef began because 50 approached Ja as a fan before he blew up and Ja dissed him and based on his response, 50 was really wounded by that. Celebs need to remember where their bread is buttered.

    Of course 50 took it too far and now karma is coming for him too.

  • star

    and when was the last time you had a hit? ja go back under that rock please a little to late!!!lol

  • sidney4

    his last cd went platinum just so you know

  • Melissa

    He’s right.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Wow, is Ja-rule still around?!?! He’s sounds a bit delusional saying that 50 wants to be like him, yada, yada, yada. Hmmm, subconsciously, maybe it’s the other way around.

  • Dino

    News Flash Ja. I dont think you were ever at the same level that 50 is at now. When was your name ever on the Forbes list homey. Please answer me that. Yea 50 stole your style, but he had a brain also thats why he getting other money besides music money

  • Dino

    his last cd went platium?????

  • major


  • hiphoper

    who cares about Ja??

    check this:


  • misstex

    Sit down JA.. u r a washed up has been. Don’t try to start beefing with 50 to get your name back out there.

  • kdawg

    what album went platinum????? What are you talking about? What year? Not since Curtis came on the scene! Yous a damn lie!!! His last 2 singles went double-wood!!

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Dear Ja,

    Are you smokin? It appears that you think you are someone of relavance. You are not even a memory to most! Please stop acting the fool.. You will never be able to go aganist 50. How much did you make last year? 10,000.00USD Nicca please! No one wants to be you, not even the average nicca!

  • Skoopes

    Will this turtle shut up already? Nobody cares about Ja-rule and the only reason he’s talking sideways is because he’s supposed to be working on a new album. The whole 50 Cent beef is way old, but since that’s how Turtle Man went out, I guess he feels he needs to diss 50 again to redeem himself. Whatever, yo. We got tired of hearing that voice of his anyway.

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Ja your so unattractive! That little mustache you got going on! ILL! You look like a damn midget tryin to be gansta!! JA YOU SUCK! Long live 50!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trini Chica in BK

    JA SIT DOWN!!!!!!!!!! Can’t stand how you look. Did anyone see Irv’s new reaity show on VH1? Ja looks so desperate. Turn OFF

  • AND...

    What the hell is going on in the world? Every damn day it’s some fool saying something stupid. How the hell can he say 50 wanted to do a track with him but just couldn’t bring himself to ask? I don’t know about ya’ll but 50 does not look like the type of guy who would be scared to step to Ja and ask for a collabo. Maybe it’s just me.

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