Tracey Edmonds Shows Off Little Angel Iris’s College Fund

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Tracey Edmonds was spotted showing off her engagement rock from her tranny loving fiance. We see where Eddie priorities lie…Tracey gets a fat ass ring, but the baby can’t even get a pack of Huggies.

Image ganked from C&D

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    i wonder how many times she had to left eddie and johnny have their boy’s night out to get that rock???

  • me

    and like i said earlier, if he’s not handling his business as a father and she’s walking around with her head in the clouds as if that’s ok, her character must be questioned as well. smh

  • LaLa

    I’d like to know what Tracey REALLY thinks about all this….


    Eddie really brought that ring for himself…he just lets her sport it.

  • LezBeyonce



  • dove225

    What kind of woman would want to be with a man that wont even take of his own children. That says alot about her character.

  • Shasta

    Tracey is not interested in what Eddie is Not doing: she wants what he will be DOING FOR HER….

  • hiphoper

    lol @ HI-SIDE

    check this:

  • Crystal

    I always thought Tracey had more class than this. For the life of me, I cannot understand how she could be with a man who leaves his girlfriend while she’s pregnant and then refuses to see or take care of the child unless authorities step in.

  • Skoopes

    I take back what I said. Now that I think about it, why does Melanie have to take him to court to get support payments? Eddie should be a man and step up to the plate and do what a father should do for his child.

  • nono


  • Lili

    That ring…..damn.

  • gorgeous chocolate pixie


  • Lili

    ^^^See, that’s the thing…she probably isn’t. lol

    I remember a comment I read. She said “Well, that situation happened before me..blah blah blah…” She ain’t concerned!

  • Baby Please

    When all is said and done, that baby will get a lot more than huggies. Mel gon’ see to dat. Trust. Tracy prolly don’t care. She about dough.

  • Trini Chica in BK

    She rally needs to stop! How the hell could you be with a man who doesn’t take care of one of his kids. And you have kids of your own. Tracey will fall!

  • ohnoudient

    Wonder what Johnny G. got?

  • ilish

    Tracey has to marry Eddie. How else is she going to get into the award shows?

  • Amani

    This whole situation is messed up and the one that end up paying is the child. Eddie Murphy priorities is ass backwards, and not doing nothing for his child will not make her go away. It’s a dam shame to.

  • Richard

    It’s so sad that Bosip post these whack assed Eddie hatin comments. This crap ain’t news. Ignoring the fact that he is providing support just not the millions Mel B is trying to extort.

    Who aare these women who believe this post?

  • daria

    Dumb heifer.

  • mjoylaw

    Um, Amani, could you work on your spelling and grammar? Thanks

  • phillygirl23

    tracey is badd! i need 2 take lessons on how 2 get that dough.

  • RU$$

    Maybe the lesson here is, one type of Women gets,

    Engagement Rings and the other……..

  • Amani

    I sure can anything else jerk?

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