Tarantula Tracks? Hairstylist Says She Found A Dead Spider And Doritos In Woman’s Ratchet Azz Cobweb Weave

- By Bossip Staff

“Last name Ann first name raaaaaaaaggedy…”

Hairstylist Finds Bugs And Food In Woman’s Old Weave

Just when it seemed all the dollar-store weave wizards had gone south for the Winter, we came across something on The Ricki Lake Show to reignite all of our lacefront fears…

via The Ricki Lake Show

Natural hair guru and celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood recounted the time she removed a woman’s year-old weave, and found a Dorito, a dead spider, and a few little critters in the unkept mane.

Felicia appeared on the recently re-aired “Surprising Secrets Of Today’s Hottest Jobs” episode of The Ricki Lake Show and is one of the many guests revealing dirty little secrets from the workplace.

Now that’s just nasty on every level. And what the hell was the Dorito for? Maybe she has children to feed on short notice….we get it.

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