Pay Yo Bills: Young Money Rapper Tyga Sued By Accountant For Skipping Out On $13,000 Credit Card Bill!

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Was Tyga subliminally dissing his accountant when he wrote “Rack City”???

Tyga Sued By Accountant For $13,000 In Unpaid Credit Card Bills

Perhaps we’ll never know, however what we DO know is that a judge has ordered the frail-body YMCMB spitter pay his money manager $16,000 for running up his personal credit card.

Back in 2011 Tyga was a struggle rapper (still is if you let some tell it), and his accountant, Robert Seltzer, allowed him to use his credit card to charge hotels, food, transportation, etc. while on tour with the understanding that the bill would be paid in full each month.

However, in typical irresponsible rapper fashion, Tyga never gave up the gwap. Thus, Mr. Seltzer took the fake thug to court to retrieve his racks, all 13,396 of them to be exact.

In even FURTHER irresponsible rapper fashion, Tyga missed the court date that was set, so the judge ordered that $16,801.67 be paid for Seltzer’s credit card bill and court fees.

Guess Tyga’s “Young Moola” was still a fetus in 2011.

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