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Silly cookie! We love our precious lil Louis, but we’re not sure how to feel about this one:

Via National Enquirer reports:

SANDRA BULLOCK may not have a special man in her life, but that hasn’t stopped her son LOUIS from finding a new father!

The adorable little boy, who turns 3 in January, has grown so close to the Oscar winner’s primary body­guard that the tyke is now referring to him as “Daddy”!

“Much to Sandy’s sur­prise, Louis has adopted their silver-haired body­guard as his stand-in father,” revealed a source. “The situation caught Sandy off-guard and she’s not sure how to handle it.

“She’s happy that Louis has a strong, steady male influence in his life now, but she wishes it was someone she was dating.”

It seems that the burly bodyguard is al­ready taken. He can be seen wearing a wedding ring in photos taken at California’s Disneyland in mid-December, when he accompanied Sandra and Me­lissa McCarthy, her co-star in the upcoming film “The Heat,” for an outing at the iconic theme park.

The tightknit trio was also spot­ted out in New Orleans, along with Sandra’s brother-in-law Raymond Prado, in November.

“The bodyguard enjoys carrying Louis, taking him to school, tuck­ing him in at night and reading him bedtime stories.

“Sandy didn’t want Louis to get too attached – but it’s too late now!”

As The ENQUIRER has previ­ously reported, Sandra, 48, is a stickler for hiring the best security after terrifying 2010 kidnap and death threats directed at Louis were detected and thwart­ed by the FBI. She was also mugged in New York be­fore becoming a star.

“Sandy has always hired top notch security and she treats them like family,” explained the source.

But Sandra, who has not dated anyone seri­ously since splitting with cheating ex-hubby Jesse James in 2010, wishes that the new “man in her life” was more than just hired muscle, adds the source.

Though she’s been linked with two of her hunky co-stars, Keanu Reeves and Ryan Reynolds neither ro­mance flourished.

Meanwhile, Jesse re­cently announced his engagement to drag racer Alexis DeJoria, and Ryan found hap­piness with new bride Blake Lively, whom he married in September.

“It’s been a difficult road for Sandy,” noted the source. “Even though she’s scared to let a man in her life again, she knows that it would be best if Louis had a stable male role model that was ro­mantically linked to his moth­er.”

Should we be glad that Louis has a father figure — even if he isn’t black or chopping down Sandra?

If you could play matchmaker for Sandy, what celebrity would you hook her up with?




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