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Joey Camel recently Spoke with Rolling Stone and discussed a few topics:

On Don Imus:

“Imus is a racist. He’s not a person that listens to rap or was influenced by rap, so the two things don’t have anything to do with each other, so f*ck him.”

On Kingdom Come:

“Maybe it was too sophisticated. Maybe I f*cked up.”

On retiring a bunch of times:

“I was watching Fade to Black on VH1, and I was cringing, because I kept saying, ‘It may be the last album’ — I’ve made two albums already! When I put The Black Album out, I said I wasn’t going to say that anymore. I just stopped talking. Nobody believes it. Not even you.”

On Yeezy’s “Big Brother” track:

“Not everything on the song was true, but it was true in his mind. He says ‘Carleen said I could buy two tickets.’ You would think he didn’t get any tickets. I gave him four, he wanted six. It was a charity event! And Coldplay — I introduced him to Coldplay, I gave him the number! But I thought it was a brilliant song. It brought us closer together.”


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  • http://www.wild4danite.podcastpeople.com Naw Son

    Used to be Dame and Biggs Brother.

  • Setting the Record Straight

    you know? when Kanye keeps his mouth closed, he is actually a very handsome man!!!

    good work Alexia..Alexy..Alex.. (you know your damn name!)

  • Traycee

    DAYUM, Jay-Z is THAT dude!

  • scorpio

    yo, my baby looks so good in his clothes. jigga is the most stylish man in the game. eff kanye!

  • scorpio

    oh yeah… i liked kingdom come. was i the only one?

  • NoWAY

    I like when he keeps it real and lets loose. Hov is back! I can officially stop hating on him now. Yay!!!

  • JaliliMaster

    I actually liked Kingdom Come.

  • Kanyade

    Too sophisticated? Well what did mean to do with Kingdom Come? Was that an insult to fans???????? 😦

  • scorpio

    uh oh, i’m lost. what’s beach chair? whose record is it on?

  • lacyd

    I liked Kingdom Come.

    That color is BRILLIANT on Jay-Z. Compliments him well.

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    Beach Chair is on the Kingdom Come cd. The song is FIRE, and I enjoyed the cd. I think it’s sorta eclectic, so it’s not for the normal listening audience. Jay-Z is HOT… not necessarily in the looks dept., but he has that swagger, go-get-em, type attitude that is UNDENIABLY attractive. Any man with that mentality is sexier than most!!!

    Now only if he would stop worshipping Satan and denounce his alliance to the Skull-n-Bones Society. LOL!! Don’t throw daggers at me, all the cyber-conspiracy theorist are putting that on him!!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    I like most of Kingdom Come, but I’m lovin’ his answer…I chuckled, he’s got a sense of humility that can be appreciated.

  • Notahater

    loved Kingdom Come….still blast it in my headphones while i’m working.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    BTW, I’m also loving their threads…you can tell the material is top quality and the fit is great for both of them. LOL, look at Ye’s lil chest hairs peeking out…:-)

  • Danni 829

    I really liked Kingdom Come too. I liked this suit his swagger is Fire.

  • J

    Jay Z is getting senile. I can’t understand anything that comes out of his mouth. He really should retire and make babies with B.

  • im_unique

    First off, them boys is SHARP as a thumbtack!!!Personally, I thought the cd fit him well for his day and time. It’s called “growth.” I say your true fans will accept anything you put out for the most part. Kind of like my man Nasir. He always talking over people’s heads making them push rewind and think about that last line. Stimulate my mind please. The “Big Brother” track is so nice; made me tear up a bit(wink).


    Jay Z is 40 year old CEO and is about to make a rap album about “THE GANGSTER LIFESTYLE”. the same “GANGSTER LIFESTYLE” that young ignorant innocent black kids are dying “TRYING TO EMULATE”. IM A HUGE JAY-Z FAN but he is a 40 year old CEO “STILL GLORIFYING VIOLENCE”.






    PREGNANT BEFORE 21yrs = the COOL


    “why is 40 year old JAY-Z still making albums about being a “GANGSTER”

    *ANSWER* “because young black kids are chasing “THE COOL”

  • Black Rooster

    Kingdom come was for the hip hop heads from the 90’s that have grown up…..shall I say it…..A mature rap album. Man 30 something is the anthem for all the upwardly mobile brothers in my crew!

  • T is ME


  • Black Rooster

    @Im a grown man

    I thought Jay was making an album to go along with the movie American Gangster….A soundtrack to go along with a movie

  • Maya

    I have to say that I liked Kingdom Come, when a lot of people didn’t…I also like Jay’s suit, he is consistently well-dressed. Gotta love a man that can wear a suit like him..@I’m a Grown Man…I don’t think that he is glorifying the lifestyle of being a gangsta, to me, whenever he flowed about it, it was always about HIS experiences. “Like I told you to sell drugs, no. Hov did that, so hopefully you won’t have to live through that”….these other dudes are out here glorifying that. And as far as a kid listening to Jay to create a “gangster lifestyle”, please. Dude is SOOO far removed from that. Please see Wayne, Jeezy for that type of lifestyle, or even T.I., whose ass has achived so much success, but he’s out buying machine guns. WTF??


    Who the hell wanna be influenced by rap? Except for ignorant young black people who don’t know any better…Kingdom Come was too sophisticated? “C’mon little mama show me what you got”–Oh, yeah! that’s it.

  • Ttime

    @ Weezy:

    You are a fool, but Larry probably did pick it out.

  • dani

    I don’t think Kingdom Come was too sophisticated at all..it was just another type of jay..I wasn’t really feeling it…but I wasn’t feeling “The Black Album” neither…”The Blueprint” was instant vintage but his new song “Roc Boys” is fyah!..I rather see Jay just put out good quality artist and let them be the new artist of the generation today..he’s gettng older so he should let the kids listen to his music from way back when and learn;-)..on the other note..He can’t sneak diss MIMS when he signed artist like Rick Ross and Jeezy:-(..Jay is cool people..but they are contributing to this sub par trend in Hip-Hop he has the power to change it but we as people do too;-)

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