Gangnam Style Ballers: Korean Pop Star “PSY” Buys Million Dollar Los Angeles Condo With Cash

- By Bossip Staff

South Korean pop star, Psy (real name Park Jae-sang)

Dayum, see what happens when you become a YouTube sensation overnight?!

Via NBC News:

According to the Los Angeles Times, Korean pop star Psy bought a condo in the exclusive Blair House on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles for $1.249 million and paid for it in cold-hard cash.

Psy was already a phenomenon in Korea before his catchy song “Gangnam Style” made its way to America via YouTube. The video has been viewed over a billion times and parodied nearly as much. Psy signed a record deal with Scooter Braun, (the manager for Justin Bieber), in early September, and with this Westwood home purchase, it looks like his transition to American fame is complete.

psy buys homes in los angeles

The glassy and modern condo measures 2,776 square feet on one of the lower floors of the Blair, a luxury building constructed in 1989. Psy’s unit features large windows and modern fixtures.

Must be nice.


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