Kandi Burruss Puts TLC’s ‘Preacher’s Wives’ Star Ivy Couch On Blast After Claiming Was A Member Of 90’s Girl Group Xscape

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Thou shalt not lie!

Ivy Couch Was Not A Member Of Xscape

TLC’s newest reality show ‘The Sisterhood‘ recently premiered and the show is already wrapped up in enough controversy and lies to make the devil blush.

The reality show centers around the lives of a group of women who are involved in the church around Atlanta. One of the stars of the show, Ivy Couch is the wife of a prominent ATL preacher and comes from a colorful past.

Her TLC bio reads:

Most First Ladies do not have a colorful past like Ivy. As one of the members of girl group Xscape, Ivy lived the partying life of a pop star. But since meeting her husband Mark, pastor of the Emanuel Tabernacle Church, Ivy is singing a different tune. She is now a dutiful First Lady, wife, and mother to a one-year old son. However, her not-so-wholesome past helps Ivy relate to and connect with her inner city congregation.

But according to Funky Dineva reports, Ivy has been breaking one of the oldest commandments…


After Xscape ended, there was several attempts at a reunion/reconciliation. The powers at be wanted to milk all they could out of the successful brand. Especially considering that the group broke up while they were on top and still hot. Kandi was asked to participate in this reunion effort. After declining to do so, Kandi was asked to sign over her rights to the group. Needless to say, she signed them over. After relinquishing her rights to the group, Ivy Couch was the second of three replacements. Those in charge even went as far as cutting and dying Ivy’s hair to give her a Kandiesq image. Ivy’s tenure with the group was extremely short lived. Word is she only performed publically with them once or twice. Rumor has it that she had issues with the sisters Latocha & Tameka.

Kandi even cleared up the rumors…




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