Chris Brown and T-Pain New Video: “Freeze”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Chris Brown and T-Pain just dropped their video for the single, “Freeze.” We sensed it was about time since all the rumors have been flying about T-Pain blowing socks off. That’s a smart marketing strategy.

What’s the verdict on the video: hot or not??

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  • tony4deadpresidents

    1stv bitches

  • scottiemac

    video is just ok for me


    I would now like to get high…

  • Tiff

    DOnt like the song or the video very much, but then again I am not a big fan of Chris “Whiny” Brown, or T “Digital Love” Pain. BUt to each its own.

  • Amsterdam

    fu(king garbage

  • sweetness in your tea

    i think it’s a bad time to exploit purples and rainbow’s and sh1t…but hey bossip…if you say so…you make the money.

  • shall remain nameless

    uhhhhh…. okay….

  • sweetness in your tea

    by the way didnt like the video. i dont see it growing on me like that beyonce video did.

  • http://bossip AKeys STAN

    I guess I am getting to old or maybe just to grown
    this shit is Ridiculous , Horrible and a little fruity sorry kids I listen to coldplay , jay-z and Alicia maybe I am to old 24 is the new 40 I guess??????

  • talkin loud and sayin nothin

    just another paycheck for both…not very groundbreaking

  • http://bossip (Tonnie).....swirl make this world go around.....N.O. skitzo..(504)


  • Oshie

    I can’t watch it, but that’s ok I’m sure it will be shoved down my throat 1,000,000 times in the near future.

  • Oshie

    I would have sex with Chris Brown. *ashamed*

  • dayg715

    N to the O to the T.

  • b'more

    chris brown sucks. always has, always will. just a low budget Usher.

  • BE

    T-Pain made this video horrible for the first 1:19 seconds because he can’t dance. Why not let Chris do what he does best? I am tire of these atists thinking they can do it all..T-Pain can’t dance and he needs to shave and/or trim all that bullshit off his face prior to close ups.

    I think my son might like this I’ll have to ask him.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    I’m going to find T-Pain’s studio and break his vocoder.

  • Re is excited to see Gambit (X-Men)!

    I like that T-Pain makes, “Happy Music.”

    But I’m dizzy at the moment. These videos CAN’T be good on the cornea…

  • MJ

    T-Pain is ridiculous.

    Chris Brown is sweet and Tangy (tart).

    Song is ok.

    Video is whack.

    Tpains album is fantastic.


  • She'naenae

    I’m not a fan of Chris Brown or T-pain in general, but I like this video n song cuz its fun. and the girls are portrayed respectfully – even tho i wish the second girl dancing with Chris Brown was ACTUALLY dancing..but its whatev..they needed a lil piece of lightskinned ass or portuguese ass, whatever the hell she was. i liked it, and I would also like to now go get high hahaha @ nik nak wood

  • in4mustpimpette

    S.O.S. Same Ole’ S**t!

  • Deja


  • Carmel

    It’s good to hear dance songs and not the normal, having sex…baby mama drama, thugs and killing music.

  • smilez

    haven’t i seen this video b4??/ u kno like in every otha 1 of t-pains otha videos!!… its like da same old shit from his last oooh so many of his videos… i’m tired of it now… nd damn my eyes hurt from watchin that video!!! Next!!!

    ps. i like da song.. its aight

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    I love Chris Brown!

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