Nobody’s Business? The 10 Most Attention Slore-y Celebrity Couples In The Game Right Now

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New York Knicks v Los Angeles Lakers

The Most Attention Slore-y Couples

What ever happened to privacy? Remember when Jay-Z and Beyonce were so secretive about their relationship leaving everyone guessing? That seems like such a lost art these days. Now everyone can’t wait to put their relationship stuff on Twitter, Instagram and TMZ. We get being proud of your love but we also think some are taking it far and will continue through next year.

Here are the most slore-y couples in the game.


Evelyn and Ocho – They were birthed by reality TV, then took it to another level by reuniting via social media. Interesting to see how this ends.


Rihanna and Chris Brown – They swear it’s “nobody’s business” but Breezy sold a damn shirt or them coupled up. These two are kinda sad.

joe budden

Joe Budden and Tahiry – No, they’re not still technically together, but they’re still fighting like a couple and they always take it public.


Will and Jada – They slore via their kids and faked an affair to build buzz for Jada’s TV show. It was all sad.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West out at 1 Oak Nightclub at The Mirage Resort and Casino Las Vegas

Kimye – They announced their love via a rap song and announced pregnancy via a concert. Most slore-y couple of all time?


Stevie J and Joseline – These two reality stars are all about maximizing their visibility no matter what.

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    Reality couple Ice-T and Coco show off their love as they host the New Year Party at LAX Nightclub at Luxor Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Ice T and Coco – They’re always flaunting their physical relationship for the world, but it’s mostly Coco being the slore. Her sloriness is enough to get both of them on the list.

    GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir Hosts TI at Vanquish in ATL - TI, Tiny

    T.I. and Tiny – They love parading their kids in front of every reality camera they can find. It’d be more annoying if they weren’t so cute.

    ng kardashians 240612

    Khloe and Lamar – It’s a Kardashian relationship. Of course they make the list.


    Cassie and Diddy – They were secretive at first (i.e. Diddy didn’t claim her) but now Cassie is tweeting their love all the damn time.

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