Rumor Control: Kelly Clarkson Says She Doesn’t Chase The Cat But Gets “Hit On By The Hottest Girls Ever”

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Kelly and Tamyra


Kelly Clarkson Says She’s Not Gay

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Kelly Clarkson has been battling lesbian rumors for years, but they don’t bother her at all!

The Miss Independent singer, 30, who recently got engaged to Brandon Blackstock, reveals in the February 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan why she thinks that people assume she is into girls, and she also says that the rumors don’t really bother her at all.

“People think, ‘Oh, she’s been single for too long.’ That’s kind of an insult to the gay community. Being single doesn’t mean you’re gay. But I’m never insulted by it, obviously,” Clarkson, who was single for six years before hooking up with Reba McIntire’s son in February 2011, insists.

“I mean, I get hit on by the hottest girls ever. Oh, my god, if I were a lesbian, I would be so in luck. But it’s not just my thing. I’ve always battled for the boys’ team.”

“But usually the guys who hit on me are tools,” she continues. “It’s the ones that don’t hit on you that make you like ‘Why didn’t you ask me out?’ It’s like American Idol auditions: The guys who are the most confident are the horrible ones, and the ones who are good have no confidence at all.”

So all these women hit on you and you NEVER thought about taking ANY of them up on the offer??? Ok…

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