Oh What A Job This Is: The 10 LEAST Stressful Jobs In America

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Ready to choke your boss? Might want to consider a career change…

The 10 Least Stressful Jobs In America

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In assessing 200 careers, CareerCast.com’s criteria included 11 stress factors like travel, job outlook, deadlines, working in the public eye, competitiveness, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards encountered, own life at risk, life of another at risk, and meeting the public.

CareerCast works with math and statistics researchers at the University of Wisconsin to compile the list, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trade reports and other sources.

Lee said the least stressful careers tend to entail positive feedback from people on a regular basis. In those cases, people are working are generally pleased, he said.

“The most stressful list tends to be opposite,” he said.

The silver lining is that the more stressful a job is, the higher the likelihood you’ll get paid more, said Lee.

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10-drill-press-operator (1)

10. Drill Press Operator



9. Librarian


Hair stylist

8. Hair Stylist



7. Dietitian



6. Audiologist


Med Leb Tech

5. Medical Lab Technician


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    4. Jeweler


    Portrait of a male surgeon standing next to shelves of files

    3. Medical Records Technician



    2. Seamstress/Tailor


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    1. University Professor


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