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Here are some young ladies of the pigment deficient persuasion getting their cornrow on. Your first mistake would be believing these two are not as serious as a heart attack. Poor thangs.

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    FIRST FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jcock23@hotmail.com Lite skin Sin

    Thats the white version of B.A.P.S starring Halle Berry and that other Fat broad.

  • http://www.k.com NOELLE

    Well at least her weave looks better than Beyonce’s.

  • MH

    @ Lite Skin Sin

    LOL!!!!! Thats my mooooovie!!!…This is a hot assss mess!!!

  • http://www.k.com NOELLE

    I mean…it just shiiiiiiiiinnnnneesssssssssss.

  • http://bossip AKeys STAN

    Damn Bossip why Can’t they have braids and gold teeth what are you trying to say

  • sillyrabite... watchmedomabirdwalk

    wowwwwwwwwwwww white trash tryna 2 act black!

  • http://www.k.com NOELLE

    AKeys STAN

    Damn Bossip why Can’t they have braids and gold teeth what are you trying to say

    I know Jay what you tryin to say???? lol jk

  • lovely1

    bum ass wet dog smelling white hoes wan’t to be black so bad smdh

  • Kigali (Channeling her inner Dr. Laura and Judge Judy for Bossip retards)


    Sorry dear but this isnt being black, this is being country ghetto trash. You may look like this but dont involve black folks into your buffonery.

  • shawty

    ROFLMAO!!!! man this reminds me of a girl in my town…and she be lookin a HOT AZZ MESS too, but SHE dont think so SMH

  • Just Curious...

    Kigali… so true! this is pure foolywang at it’s finest! But hey… this is what black men like!

  • Doc


  • MeanGurl

    And these are the same ones who will ride or die for a black dic. Some white meat for the gonnies. White trashy cum buckets.

  • http://bossip AKeys STAN>> Hates Amanda Diva

    Oh Lawd here comes Kigali

  • S&J

    they both need to be scrubbed down…

  • Tracey

    White or black anyone who attempts to look like this must be mentally retarded!

  • http://bossip (Tonnie).....uptown born, east coast raised, west coast living..frequent flyer mileage.....(504)

    the 1 on the left can get it. she look like she alright. smh @ these wiggas. i just dont get this white ppl wanna b blk epidemic. this shit is crazy. trust me theirs alot of wiggas running around these days. the asians too. like i said the 1 on the left can get it. take the weave out and gold teeth. i hate wigga chix. im attracted 2 the real white woman. the one that doesnt act.

  • Valkyrie Valhalla

    They certainly look silly but I wouldn’t say they are trying to “act black”. No one can act a pigment. People act the way their society and peers lead them to act as well as the way they see fit.
    To say they are acting black by sporting cornrows and ugly gold teeth is like saying black women who wear weaves and relax their hair are attempting to act white, right???? Food for thought.

  • Brianna !!

    Amen @ Valkyrie

  • http://Bossip.com jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Everybody wants to be black until the police shows up…SMH

  • anonymous

    Oh my, hmmmn.

  • exotica

    Oh good Lord, Jesus take the wheel please.

    Although not for nothing but white people can be ghetto as hell too. Maybe these girls are from a predominately black area, so they’re just doing what they know.

  • http://yahoo PhatDjSwagger

    jjj Proud Jamaican
    I co-sign 100%

  • BE

    This confirms my theory that Ghetto and black are not the same. there is ghetto in every race!

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