A “Lil Positivity”: Cassidy’s Partner Shiz Lansky Calls For Peace And Unity In Philadelphia The Midst Of Meek Mill Beef

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Shiz Lansky

Be clear, not everyone in the hip-hop culture is down to promote “beef”

Shiz Lansky Calls For Peace Between Cassidy And Meek Mill

Philadelphia son and MC Shiz Lansky wrote and open letter to Cassidy, Meek Mill, and millions of hip-hop fans about the ongoing war-of-words between Meek Mill and Cassidy.

Do the knowledge.

I  listened  to  the  Meek  Mills  and  Cassidy  diss  records,  over  and  over.  The  more  I   listened,  the  more  heated  I  became.  I  grew  even  more  frustrated  as  I  began to   receive  inbox  messages,  phone  calls,  text  and  social  site  comments  –  all  echoing  the   same  tone  and  message.  Shiz,  what  are  you  going  to  do?  Shiz,  bomb back! However, I wasn’t  heated  for  the  reasons  that  one  would  expect.  The  jab  taken  at  the  brand  that   I  built  didn’t  offend  me  as  much  as  realizing  that  this  beef  is  a  reflection of what  our culture  has  become.

Did  you  all  forget  what  we  came  for?  This  isn’t  about  stuntin’.  It’s  not  about  who’s   the  best.  We  were  afforded  the  opportunity  to  escape  our  environments  to  pursue  a dream,  experience  the  world  and  accomplish  things  that  most  of  our  peers  only   dreamed  about.  We  realized  our  visions.  We  went  from  being  trapped  and  confined   to  being voices  of  influence  heard  by  hundreds  of  thousands,  if  not  millions.  We   conduct  business  on  levels  that  our  circumstances  could  have  made  us  believe  we   weren’t  capable
of  accomplishing.  We  beat  our  odds.  Did  we  survive  the  streets  only  to  carry  that  same  “crab  in  a  barrel”  mentality  into  our  next  level  of  life?  Is  this  what we  want for  the  development  of  our  culture?

There  are  two  types  of  people  in  the  world,  those  that  build  and  those  that  tear   down.  It’s  been  proven  that  we’re  builders  because  we’ve  all  taken,  what  was   considered,  nothing  and  turned  it  into  something  tangible.    I  came  into  the  game   with  Cassidy,  I  know  where  he  started  and  I  know  the  success  he’s  achieved.  I’m   proud of  him.  I  know  where  Meek  was  only  a  few  years  ago.  I’ve  witnessed  his   growth  to  date  and  I’m  proud  of  his  accomplishments.  My  question  to  both  parties,  
are  we  going  to  tear  down  what  we’ve  just  built?

I  don’t  know  if  ya’ll  notice,  but  our  generation  is  loosing  out  here.  Look  around.  The   ills  of  our  community  are having  its  way  with  us. Poverty  hangs  over  our heads.   Bodies  are  dropping  left  and  right.  Friends  and  family  members  are  doing  crazy   numbers  in  prison.  What  are  we going  to  do  to  push  our  culture  forward?  Beef  is   seductive.  Our  egos  can  be  deceiving.  Both  will  have  us  in  positions  where   everything  that  we’ve  developed  can  be stripped  away.  I’m  tucking  my  ego  to  make   this statement.  I’m  not  going  to  respond  with  a  counter  diss  record  to perpetuate the beef.  Instead,  I’m  offering  this  record,  featuring  Bread  Bruh,  Corey  Latif  and  myself,   to remind  you  all  of  our  purpose.

To  all  of  the  fans,  hit  Meek  up,  hit  Cas  up  and  encourage  them  to  do  what  both  of  our   brands  stand  for.  Dream  Chasers  is  all  about pursuing  a  dream.  Larsiny  Family, as   Cal  Akbar  and  I  intended  it  to  be,  is  about  taking  the  opportunities  in  life  that  no  one   is  going  to  hand  us.  Hence  the  slogan “We’re  not  asking  for  it  –  we’re taking  it!”

I  want  to  encourage  you  both  to  Stay  the  Course! Get  money.  Feed  your  families. Give back  to  your  community.  Encourage  other  young  black  men  to  do  better  and  bigger  
than  us.  If  you  feel  yourself  veering  off  the  path,  think  about  those  that  we  lost  along   our  journey  and  remember  where  we  all  came  from.  We  came  from  Tha  Gutta.    

Peep the video below.

Good to see that there are cooler heads in the this situation, Philly already has enough crime and violence.

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