Bossip Exclusive Recap: Engagements, Cakes And Lots Of Subliminal Shade At The Love & Hip Hop NY Premiere Party [Photos & Video]

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A BOSSIP exclusive recap of all the cakes, cast feuds and almost-catch-fades from last night’s premiere party

Exclusive Recap Of Love And Hp Hop New York Premiere Party

Last night, BOSSIP was in the building at Kiss & Fly lounge in NYC to check out the first episode of LHH NY Season 3 along with cast members Joe Buddens, Kaylin Garcia, Tahiry, Raqi Thunda, Yandy Smith, Winter Santos, Consequence, Jenn The Penn, Lore’l, Rashidah Ali, Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, and producer Mona Scott-Young.

We revealed earlier this year that this season of the show was sure to be filled with fawkery as the cameras head back to the Big Apple with a few old faces along with a handful of new new…and this first episode certainly lives up to that hype.

From messy love triangles and sidepiece showdowns, to colossal cakes galore, and even a few engagement announcements, this cast full of hot heads is sure to keep with the theme of ratchery that LHH is known for.

Big-bootied breezies Tahiry and Raqui wasted no time getting poolside slappy-happy with each other half way through the episode during a heated exchange where they found themselves face-to-face with the source of their catty-ness…and his new girl loungin’ in the background.

Check out the Hot 97 video below of the live Q&A session from the premiere party where two cast members almost got it poppin’ with a catch fade on the couch. Hint: It wasn’t Tahiry or Raqui.


And this was just the beginning.  We’ve got alllll the behind-the-scenes details and plenty of coupled up and caked out pics of the cast from the premiere party including who put a ring on it, who got put in check, and who got put on blast.

Let’s get started…

Erica - Rich

Motor-mouthed video model Erica Mena and her boo-thang/manager Rich Dollaz were both on their best bullish last night. The Ciroc was definitely flowing and these two had plenty of it judging from their no-holds barred comments….oh, and the fact that Rich allegedly confirmed to The Jasmine Brand that he and Erica are in fact engaged.

Erica got so out of pocket  with another cast member at one point during a quick Q&A session with the entire cast that LHH producer Mona Scott-Young stepped in and checked Erica, telling her “we’re going to stop  this, and you’re gonna act like you know.” SMH.

Check back for our exclusive interview with Erica dishing on her tripod lovefest with Draya Michele and Chris Brown.

In other engagement news…

Yandy Smith
Veteran cast member Yandy Smith had much to say about her newfound freedom from Jim Jones and his constantly cuffin’ fiancee Chrissy. While she admitted to missing the money, she also hinted at being glad to be free from Chrissy’s antics and happy to have more time to focus on her family, which now includes a baby boy.

We also noticed that Yandy accessorized with some VERY large ring-finger bling (check the picture above) that we’re sure was an engagement ring, and judging from her PC response of “you’ll have to watch and see” when asked if her baby-daddy boo-thang Mandeeces had put a ring on it, all signs point to wedding bells sooner than later.

You can check our sister site Madame Noire for Yandy’s full interview next week.

Winter Ramos

Newcomer Winter Ramos made her cameo debut on last season of LHH NY as the suspect-advice giving “friend” of Emily B. who also happens to be Fab’s assistant. There has been much speculation about the actual nature of Winter’s “friendly” relationship with Fab and Winter gave her two cents at last night’s premiere event saying that she and Fab go way back as nothing more than friends.

She also stood by the advice she gave Emily B saying that Fab’s big-bootied babymama knew what it was before she brought a child into the picture and shouldn’t be trying to back out on the relationship when it gets rough.


Also coupled up and hand-in-hand the entire night were Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden and his blonde-haired banger-boo Kaylin Garcia. We peeped Kaylin laughing it up with Joe’s infamous ex Tahiry while watching the fawkery of the episode unfold for the first time, so we had to ask Kaylin what she thought about her hip-hop Mr. remaining friends with Tahiry given their messy and very public history…and the formerly tight-lipped lady had much to say.

Check back next week for our full interview with Joe and Kaylin to hear whether or not Kaylin thinks Tahiry is still thirstin’ after her man, and see sir Budden’s colorful commentary after we put him on the spot about messy rumors and a marriage comment he made about Tahiry with Kaylin watching.

We also chatted briefly with newer cast members Lore’l (pictured right), “Hip-Hop Confidant” and former close……friend….of Joe Budden Raqui Thunda (pictured left),  and celebrity ?shoe stylist? Rashidah Ali, who will all be sure to fit right in on the show. Noticeably absent from the premiere party was original cast member Olivia, who was overseas working according to Mona and noticeably quiet during the event were old school MC Consequence and his radio-personality PYT “Jen the Pen.”

So, what say you Bosspiers? Will you be tuning in this Monday to check out LHH NY?

Photo Credit: Stephen Knight

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