Jemele Hill sent racist letter from angry radio listener

Race Matters: ESPN Columnist Jemele Hill Sent Angry “Fan Mail” Loaded With Racist Epithets!

- By Bossip Staff

This muhfugga was really on one!

ESPN’s Jemele Hill Send Angry Racist Letter From Radio Listener

Sports fans are crazy people, and sports journalists often receive the brunt of that craziness, female sports journalist receive even more.

Today, ESPN columnist/commentator Jemele Hill shared a letter she was sent by an angry man who had been listening to her on the radio.

Suffice to say, this guy won’t be donating any money to the United Negro College Fund.

We’ve written the letter out for those of you who are fond of your eye-sight and don’t want to squint. Forgive this a$$hole’s grammar, but these types of people usually aren’t too educated.

For 2 days now, I’ve sat here (at work) with your “Herd” show on–and I wanna puke!

Hell, I don’t like women sportscaster period. Let alone b***h “Jungle Bunnies”…(what’s she doing on the air anyway? She doesn’t even like golf )–Thats no sports person. This “speak chucker” needs to go away.

Get her out of there, before she back-slides into some ebonics-laden mumbo-jumbo inarticulate tirade.

Short sound bites from (male) black jocks is tolerable. But I’m NOT interested in spending my day listening to some thick-lippef gorilla, attempting to properly speak the King’s english.

You’ve taken P.C. to a new low.

He really hit a trifecta of racism though *swish* SMMFH

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