Pure Comedy: Official Romney Vote Total For Presidential Election Was 47 Percent

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Dear Mitt: Karma is a beyooooooootch!

Official Presidential Election Vote Total For Mitt Romney Was 47 Perecent

It turns out that Money Mitt’s math might have actually worked out after all….just not quite the way he planned. And ohhhh, the irony….

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Mitt Romney’s final vote total in the 2012 presidential election has been tallied, and the Republican challenger received – wait for it – 47 percent of the vote.

Yes, it took this entire time to finalize it (you just didn’t hear about it because it wasn’t close), and Romney came in almost exactly at the 47 percent figure.

47.2 percent to be exact.

Many will find the number appropriate and ironic, as Romney made waves when a secret video of him talking with donors surfaced late in the campaign season.

In the 47 percent video, he said that segment of the country would never vote for him, because they’ve become dependent upon government programs.

That Romney final vote is based on the percentage of all presidential votes he garnered in November, and it works out to 47.2 percent of all Americans.

Quick! Somebody go get Mitt a glass of water to wash down that foot in his mouth.

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