No RTs Here: Bossip Counts Down The Dumbest Twitter Feuds Of All Time

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Dumbest Twitter Feuds Of All Time

Twitter is a glorious place. There’s hilarious commentary, news and gorgeous women abound. But some people don’t know how to just sit back and enjoy themselves. Instead they embark on really stupid feuds and beefs that nobody wants to be apart of. They just make us shake our heads.

So let’s take a look at some of these people who went in and had some of the dumbest Twitter feuds imaginable.


Don Lemon and Jonah Hill – They had a twitter battle over who said “hi” while passing through the CNN lobby. WTF.


Mobb Deep – Havoc from Mobb Deep went on an epic rant calling his former partner homosexual and questioning his habits while in jail. Then Havoc said he didn’t send the tweets and his phone was hacked. Rigghhhht.


Bow Wow and his Mom –
They got in a fight on Twitter! They couldn’t pick up the phone and hash it out?


Matt Barnes – When he and his wife split up, they engaged in a nasty Twitter spat airing eachother’s business way out there. But they patched it all up apparently.

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Chris Brown and Raz B – This was just idiotic and they could have just had a sissy fight to get it off their chests.


Azealia Banks and Perez Hilton – Azealia Banks is one of the biggest attention slores on Twitter. Perez Hilton is the OG Internet attention slore. They had a stupid fight. Gay people got mad.

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    Nick Cannon and Chelsea Handler – She went on TV and said he wasn’t funny (true) and he went off even calling her white trash. Take a joke, man.


    50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather – Their bromance ended in nasty fashion with Floyd calling 50 cute or something. Then the next day Fiddy said it was all a joke. We don’t believe you, kid.


    Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey – Their feud is one for the ages…of stupidity. And letting it spout on Twitter just hurts our eyes.


    Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson – She trolled him for a year. He said he’d poo in her ear. This was the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen.

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