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Has Marshall given up his potty-mouthed raps in favor of God?

Rumors Spread That Eminem Has Become A Born Again Christian

Via ChristianPost

Eminem could now be a born again Christian, according to a new rumor.

A source from the rapper’s hometown of Detroit claims to have witnessed Eminem’s transformation firsthand through some of his recent actions, according to

He stated that Eminem has been going through many changes as of late and has removed himself “from the depths of the music industry,” and has also refused to conform to what is expected from him in the business.

Eminem, known for his shock value lyrics as well as his vivid storytelling and superior lyrical capabilities confessed to being a Christian on a song on his first album Infinite, which was released before his major label debut The Slim Shady LP.

“But in the midst of this insanity, I’ve found my Christianity through God and there’s a wish he granted me,” raps Eminem on “It’s Ok.” “He showed me how to cope with this stress and hope for the best, instead of moping depressed.”

Sounds like Em is going to be changing his tune.

During his career, Eminem has also penned inspirational hits such as “Lose Yourself” and “Not Afraid” that were closer to “It’s Ok” in terms of positive content.

The rapper has admitted in interviews that he prays on a somewhat regular basis, but still releases music laced with profanity and sexually explicit lyrics.

Many hip-hop artists claim to be Christians and still put out music that is offensive to many believers.
Eminem’s recent spiritual transformation is still unconfirmed at this time.

Not for nothin’, but Em has been through a lot of isht in his life. We’re surprised it took this long for him to turn to God. But then again, he is a rapper, we’ll see how long this “new” Marshall lasts…



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