Looks Are Deceiving: Big Swole Men Who Are Actually Soft As Toilet Tisha

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Big Celebrities Who Are Soft

What goes through your mind when you see a big, 300 pound guy? You probably think he can kick your arse and toss you around the room. But not all big guys have the cojones or toughness to do anything with all that mass. In fact, some of these guys are Charmin soft all over.

Let’s look at some of the biggest guys who seem like they couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.


Rick Ross – He’s huge and possibly the softest, fakest rapper in the entire game. Poor officer Ricky.

dwight howard tv show 200611

Dwight Howard –
He’s the biggest NBA player out but he’s one of the softest. Kobe even called him out for it. And if Kobe calls you soft, just call it a day.


The Rock –Yeah he could beat you to a pulp, but he’s a self-identified softy that isn’t afraid to admit it.


Benzino – He’s not 300 pounds but he’s swole like a mofo. That doesn’t excuse him crying like a punk every time he’s on TV.


Flo-Rida – He stays in the gym but can’t stop singing those sorry rap pop songs we all hate.


Nick Cannon – He stayed in the gym and got rocked up but that didn’t stop everyone from clowning him as one of the softest in the game. He got no respect.

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    Suge Knight waiting for his car after shopping in Beverly Hills

    Suge Knight – He used to be the hardest guy in the rap game. Now he’s huge and gets knocked out when he tries to get buck.


    Terrell Owens – He’s a football player crying over his quarterback on TV. Man up, with ya broke a$$.

    Chris Bosh

    Chris Bosh – He’s seven feet tall and flails around the court like a freaking bird or something. And that champagne shower? SMH

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