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These athletes sure do have some nerve. First Shawne Merriman is dousing women down with champagne and now New Jersey Nets guard Jason Kidd is out groping women. Via NY Post:

Kidd was partying inside the club Tenjune on Oct. 10 when he allegedly walked up to the 23-year-old woman and grabbed her crotch. They got into an argument and she said Kidd grabbed her again. Two bouncers broke up the spat, but Kidd was allowed to stay in the club. The woman filed a police report the following day, accusing the NBA All-Star of inappropriately touching her.

Sure she was probably wearing next to nothing, but these dudes need to fall back and should ask first before stepping out of pocket. Oh yeah, we forgot his track record…he most likely didn’t ask his ex-wife Joumana if he could touch her before punching her in the face.

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  • shoeluva

    WTF?? what is wrong with these atheletes?

  • lacyd

    “Sure she was probably wearing next to nothing”

    Oh that’s funny!!!

  • shootalltheuglymen

    ^^^^I don know but she did the right thing if this story is true….lol, chick like me probably woulda grabbed him back and kept squeezin till his eye balls popped out. Yup, that expression on his face looks about right, lol

  • shootalltheuglymen

    squeeze it, pull it, twist it

  • hiphoper
  • Will J. Powers

    With son’s rep, she lucky he didn’t grab a handful of her hair out. Check those divorce docs.

  • Will J. Powers

    Yo is it me or does look a little crazy? A little shell-shocked or on some Britney ish?

  • Bahama Mama

    man these busta’s just ain’t run up on the right woman yet…we wouldn’t go to the po-lice we was calling pookie and them

  • helltothanaw

    lol @ bahama mama

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Not only would I press charges, I would sue!! At some point, arrogant a-holes have got to get over themselves.





  • Bahama Mama

    yea right notchy…lmao *wink wink* j/p

  • Richard

    I doubt if this happened. How many times had peple accused Mike Tyson of groping them.

    I used top escort that cat when he was in the club (back in the day) to keep the gold digging skanks away.

    These dudes usually have a buffer to keep women like this away. They rarely talk to women themselves for just this reason.

  • Richard

    Jason is too old in the game to make this kind of mistake. He would have offered her money.

  • AND...


    Number 2…

  • Richard

    What I find so funny is that black women know how we get treated by the cops.

    What black man is going to do this in the club to a random chick baller or not?

    Are u guys THAT naive? There are more gold diggin ho’s out there than ballers.

  • shootalltheuglymen

    ^^^^u’re kidding right?

    Nahhh, none of these ballers have EVER concidered themselves to be above the law

    Nahhh, people don’t get bold when they get drunk

    Nahhhh, dudes egoes don’t get hurt when they get rejected, especially high profile ones

    Nahhhhh, black guys NEVER EVER EVER feel up chicks in the club

    that’s just totally unbelievable


    Jay is my friend from back in the day. I hope he isnt runnin around groping women. I know his family very well and his parents raised him better then that

  • Keepin It Real

    That broad probably sat on his hand and then went and filed a police report…lol…Now guess what comes next…(drumroll please)….a lawsuit for 10 million dollars because of “emotional distress”…..these no integrity having broads kill me…LOL

  • Keepin It Real

    @shootalltheuglymen… seem to be a real reasonable voice concerning this matter….look at your name….it was probably you that sat on Kidd’s hand…LOL…

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    Well… something smells a little fishy about this story (besides Jason’s hands after grabbing a sweaty crotch in the club)!! LOL!!! First of all… why is he not pressing charges against her for smashing him over the head with a glass, bottle, sippie cup, SOMETHING!!! I don’t give a rat’s azz who you are… step to me that way and it’s LIGHTS OUT!! I mean really??? What happened??? Did he grab her crotch, she address it, he grabs it again, and then it gets heated? After which, she goes back to partying in the club… realize who he was after being told by her girls the next day — THEN FILE A REPORT on the incident with the police… again, THE NEXT DAY??? WTF??????

    Oh yeah, and did I mention, he would still be holding a raw steak on both of his blackened eyes???

  • G-Roc

    Dang Kidd, what’s wrong with you? It’s no secret, you need JESUS

  • Yeti

    Athletes are like hip-hop stars…think no rules apply. But the point is this chick like most girls in clubs probably was wearing some skank ass outfit who wants attention. Then when they get the attention they shut u down or complain to their girls that no guy hit on em. Make up yo mind!!!

    Where hip-hop and Hollywood collide

  • Bronx Brawler

    Son has a problem keeping his d**k beaters off women. He punched his chik back in school in her jibbs. This dude is outta control. He hasn’t ran into a honey who keeps the gemstar ready lmao.

  • AND...

    @ Yeti

    there is no justification for touching another person’s genitals without their consent…PERIOD. I guess what you are trying to say is that “men” have no self control so when they see a woman ‘wearing some skank ass outfit’ they can’t help themselves? Sounds like an animal to me. Well since some “men” act like animals someone should put leashes on them.

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