What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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racist playground sign in delaware

This sign is posted in a playground in Delaware, and one would think it was a legitimate sign…however, once you translate the bottom half (not so much)…

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Via Raw Story:

A racist sign at a playground in Milford, Delaware that threatened to arrest Spanish-speaking people has been removed after it went viral on the Internet. The sign, which was called out by conservative radio host Dan Gaffney in a Facebook post on Saturday, told English speakers that “parental of guardian supervision is required for the use of this playground equipment.”

But Gaffney suspected that a second message in Spanish was designed to keep “certain ethnic” people from using the playground. “Ustedes debe tener un permiso para jugar en este campo. Violadores seran susceptibiles a accion policial,” the sign read in Spanish, which means: “You must have a permit to play in this field. Violators will be subject to police action.”

Milford School District Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Kohel told Delaware Online that she immediately took action to remove the sign on Sunday afternoon.

“I didn’t want to wait,” she explained. “I certainly assume there was not an intent to discriminate… We have a great working relationship with all of the communities at the school, and there is absolutely an understanding that no ethnic group will be discriminated upon.”

Wilmington Councilwoman Maria Cabrera called for an investigation into how the signs could have been up for a year.


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