Jesus Take The Wheel: “Cannibal Cop” Partner Wanted To Keep 3-Year-Old Daughter As Captive Sex Slave!

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B-b-but wait it gets worse…

Cannibal Cop Partner Tried To Keep Daughter And Nieces Sex Slaves

Via NYDailyNews

The “Cannibal Cop” case sank to a new level of depravity Monday when prosecutors said the cop’s partner in perversion wanted to make his own 3-year-old stepdaughter a sex slave and offered up his two nieces for forced sex.

NYPD Officer Gilberto Valle’s accused co-conspirator, Michael Van Hise, was arrested last week on charges of plotting kidnapping and was ordered held without bail Monday for allegedly planning fiendish crimes against children in his own family.

Van Hise’s lawyer Alice Frontier accused prosecutors of building a case on just racy talk — but prosecutors say Van Hise’s abnormal plotting with Valle went way beyond fantasy to felony.

For example, Van Hise sent a photo of his wife’s 7-year-old niece to two individuals in the chat room, offering her and her 9-year-old sister for sex assault.

Out. Of. Pocket.

He also suggested he had diabolical designs on his own stepdaughter, prosecutors said.

“He (Van Hise) suggests that ‘there are three we can have forced sex with, et cetera …,’ ” federal prosecutor Randall Jackson said at Van Hise’s bail hearing Monday.

“The 3-year-old (stepdaughter) he wants to keep as his sex slave,” Jackson added, referring to Van Hise’s online message.

Van Hise also posted the street his wife’s nieces live on in the Trenton, N.J., suburb of Hamilton, proposing, “We can engage in other activities” with them, Jackson said.

The prosecutor said Van Hise confessed to an FBI agent he and Valle were “serious” about their plot to kidnap and force sex on a woman.

He also admitted to getting sexually aroused around children, Jackson said.

Apparently Van Hise’s wife is in denial about her husbands shady activities.

And Van Hise’s wife, whose toddler daughter and nieces figured into the alleged sick plot, added to the bizarre scenario by defending him as a “big teddy bear.”

“They make him out to be a monster. He’s not. He’s as hard-core as a baby,” said Bolice Van Hise, 22, following her husband’s hearing in Manhattan Federal Court.

She claimed his sadistic online chatter and postings were nothing more than his imagination run amok. She said Van Hise would never harm her nieces or the daughter she had from a previous “abusive” relationship.

“When he’s around kids, he becomes a kid,” the wife said.

Maybe that’s the problem, because he’s a grown azz man not a “kid”.

These two sick fawks are gonna get it BAD whenever they are convicted!

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