Kush Chronic-les: Piff-Puffers Blow Up Their House While Tryin’ To Cook Some Green Yahmean In The Kitchen

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This is your brain on drugs….

Group Of Men Burn Down Their House While Cooking Kush In The Kitchen

Drugs are bad, m’kay? And yes, that includes even good ol mary jane. Here’s why…

via Monrovia Patch

A house fire Sunday that erupted that cause an explosion and severely injured three men was apparently caused by a butane burner used by the men to cook marijuana, a fire official told Patch.

Monrovia Fire Chief Christopher Donovan said the men were cooking marijuana in a back room at a home in the 200 block of East Walnut Avenue when the fire erupted.

“What we gather is they were cooking the marijuana down into what they call honey oil,” Donovan said. “They had a small explosion in the back room which literally lifted the ceiling off the room.”

Three men in the room at the time suffered critical burns and were transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital where they remain in critical condition, Donovan said. Two other residents in the front of the home were able to evacuate without injury, he said.

So not only did they burn their house to a cajun crisp, but these bong heads are now in critical condition and almost killed everybody in the house…..all in the name of blazin’ up.

SMH. Just. Say. No.

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