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Finders Keepers???

If you walked in to a store and saw a wallet lying on the ground, would you turn it in?

According to The Daily Mail, this Mom of the year didn’t even think twice:

This is the moment a mother was caught on surveillance video stealing a wallet from the entrance to a store, opening it and giving her kids the $100 cash and gift cards inside it.

Joseph Smith and his wife Lillie, from Fayetteville, Atlanta, are searching for the culprit after they dropped the wallet when they were shopping at Kohl’s on New Year’s Day with their newborn son.

They hope that by releasing the images of the mother and her sons, it will help to catch them and maybe get the money back that was stolen from them.

Talking to CBS Atlanta, he said: ‘As I folded up the stroller, the wallet falls out of the top part of it. Of course I didn’t see it, it was pouring down rain, and I was hustling to get everything in the car.’

He went back to Kohl’s the next day to get the surveillance and described what he saw on the tape.

‘(The woman in the video) kind of stops, looks down, picks up the wallet, then walks into the next set of doors standing in front of the entrance.

‘She opens up the wallet and starts handing out what’s in it to her kids. There was about $100 cash and 200 to 300 dollars in gift cards.’

Apart from the upset over the stolen money – which is a big loss to them after recently having a baby – Joseph said he is worried about the two young boys and the example the mother is setting on them.

‘What really gets me is I can see an adult doing it, it’s just kind of the world we live in, but when you have your two kids with you,’ Joseph Smith said.

‘To set that kind of example, to say here not only is OK to pick it up but let’s go through it, let’s take what’s in it, and then not even turn it in.’

Lillie, who is a stay-at-home mom, told the station: ‘We could cancel our bank card, but it’s a lot of cash.

‘It was frustrating that on the camera she handed it to the kids like that, and we thought maybe she is actually going to turn it in, and we got excited and she didn’t.’

The Smith family is asking anyone who recognizes the family in the video to call Fayetteville Police.

Way to teach your kids right from wrong lady! SMH.

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