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Celebrities Insulting Celebrities’ Spouses

You know what fighting words are? They’re insults that deserve a true a$$whooping. Celebrities cross this line too often. But the worst offense is when celebrities go so far as to insult someone’s wife. A couple of nights ago, Kevin Garnet allegedly told Carmelo Anthony that LaLa tasted like “Honey Nut Cheerios.” Melo wanted to swing off! And can you blame him?

But KG isn’t the only guy to cross the line and Melo isn’t the only guy to get upset about it. Take a look at a few more habitual line-steppers who went in on celebrities’ spouses.

Eminem and Mariah – Em threw all sorts of shade at Mariah for allegedly letting him hit then denying it. Nick Cannon got peeved and threatened to box him. That’s defending your woman!

Lil Wayne – He rapped that he’d kidnap Beyonce. Ouch. Jay has yet to respond though.

Ja Rule – He commited a double whammy by saying Eminem’s daughter would be a ho because her mom is.

Cam’ron – He insinuated that he chopped down Bey back in the day to get at Jigga.

NeNe – Everyone on that show slanders her poor old husband.

The Obamas – Donald Trump insinuated that the Obamas had serious marital issues and were near divorce. He went all in and dissed their whole union.

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Coco – This struggle rapper Coco kissed up on ended up dissing her husband saying he wouldn’t do anything about it.

Gucci Mane – He accused Keyshia Cole of trying to get chopped down by Diddy and eff for tracks. Boobie didn’t like that.

Jennifer Aniston – She had sour grapes and threw shade on Brad Pitt as a husband begging Angelina to clap back.



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