In Young And Wild White Folks News: Selena Gomez Camp Says She’s Fed Up With Justin Bieber’s Piff-Puffin’ Ways

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This week in kiddie kush chronic-les…

Friends Of Selena Gomez Say She’s Done With Justin Bieber For Good

Not only does blowin’ trees cost you more than a few brain cells here and there, it can also cost you your relationship. And teeny-bopper turned child-of-the-green Justin Bieber seems to be learning that the hard way.

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With Justin Bieber rollin’ up making all the headlines this week, another major development in this singer’s life has practically gone unnoticed:

He and Selena Gomez have broken up again. And sources tell Us Weekly this time, the split will stick.

Bieber and Gomez cut their vacation short in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico around New Year’s because they had a “huge fight,” an insider tells this tabloid, adding ominously:

“Selena won’t forgive him.”

It’s unclear what caused the argument, but Selena spent December 31 with friends in Los Angeles, while Bieber rang in 2013 with Lil Twist, reportedly flirting with girls and, as we all know, smoking some mean green a couple days later.

Welp. Guess Justin will be turning to his sidechick Mary Jane to lift his spirits now…

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