SMH: NY Democrat Calls Black Supporter Of Jewish Opponent An “Uncle Tom N****r B***h Who Sold Out The Black People Of Harlem”

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All we can do is SMH is this mess right here….

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A Democrat candidate for a seat on New York’s Uptown City Council is turning to race baiting as his primary campaign strategy and recently went all in using the “N” word repeatedly to attack a supporter of his opponent. Thomas Lopez-Pierre is running for the Uptown City Council seat being vacated by the term-limited Robert Jackson and is outrageously relying on anti-Semitic rhetoric to attack his opponent, Mark Levine. Taking his campaign into racial division, Lopez-Pierre said that Levine would “damage” the community because he is a “white, Jewish candidate.”

But Lopez-Pierre has radically upped his racebaiting with a nasty email he sent to an African American supporter of opponent Levine. In a vile email, Lopez-Pierre told Levine supporter Brian Benjamin that he was an “uncle Tom N****r b***h,” and went on to say that Benjamin was a “N****r b***h” that had “sold out the Black people of Harlem.”

“I would hope that one day you would give me the legal grounds to b***h slap you,” Lopez-Pierre taunted. In his last line, Lopez-Pierre accused Mr. Benjamin of engaging in sexual relations with white, Jewish men.

And dude has NO REGRETS about all that ish he was talking!! Check out what he had to say after it all went down…

According to Gothamist:

Can you confirm that email was by you? Yes, I did write it. And what I mean that I wrote it I don’t mean that a campaign staff person wrote it and emailed it on my behalf. I wrote it.

Do you realize how it might be perceived by some of your potential constituents? No, what do you mean?

Some of the language might be deemed inappropriate by some of the constituents that you want to represent. I’m sure that’s true. Other constituents would think that’s just everyday conversation. So it’s all relative. Keep in mind the Speaker of the House told the Vice President of the United States to “Go f**k himself.” [Editor’s note: For the record, the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, reportedly told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to go f**k himself. In 2004, Vice President Dick Cheney told Senator Patrick Leahy to go f**k himself. In Lopez-Pierre’s defense, it’s getting hard to keep track!]

There’s a difference between saying “Go f**k yourself” and using language referring to Jewish c0ck and using the N-word. Specifically, language the City Council that you want to work for has explicitly said they frown upon. Who said?

Five years ago the City Council of New York had a symbolic resolution discouraging the use of the word in general. What word? F**k?

The N-Word. N***er. Ohhh that was something to do with comedians, right? So what. I don’t care.

Wow. Ole boy gives ZERO F**KS!! SMH.

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