ChitChatter: Mimi Faust Breaks Down Her Current “Situation” With Steebie J, Their Custody “Battle”, And Trusting Joseline!

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The never-ending drama surrounding Mimi, Steebie, and Joseline continues.

Mimi Faust Talks Custody Battle With Stevie J

Mimi and Stevie J have had their public differences recently, but Steebie’s claim that he currently has custody of their daughter Eva set Mimi off and she wants it to be known where Eva rest’s her head.

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On her current relationship status:

BA: We last spoke with you in July and at the time you said that you and Stevie J were no longer together. Since then we have definitely seen you guys make public appearances, etc. Between July and now had you guys reconciled and gotten back together?

MIMI – No we have not. We have not been back together but we do have a 3 year old that we do have to co-parent. We do have to do some kind of business together.

On whether or not she is still living in Steebie’s house:

BA: Are you and Stevie J still living together?

MIMI: Absolutely not.

BA: The last time he lived with you, was it back in July when we last spoke or was it before then?

MIMI: It was before then, and then I ended up staying at his house because of the baby a few months ago but we still weren’t together.

BA: You moved with him because of the baby?

MIMI: No, I moved in because his sister was the Nanny. I was traveling and working and his sister was there to watch Eva. It was convienent for when I had to just get up and go, she was right there with the baby.

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