Drugs Are Bad M’Kay? Woman Popped For Burglary Admits To Also Stashing Syringes Full Of Smack In Her Vajayjay

- By Bossip Staff

Yet another reason to just say no. You might end up doing crackish things like this…

Woman Arrested After Police Find Syringes Hidden In Her Lady Parts

A Kentucky woman who was arrested on burglary charges gave police a little unexpected surprise during a routine pat down.

via Huffington Post

The routine search of a Kentucky arrestee turned prickly Monday when a jail employee detected something hidden in an unexpected place.

Jessica Webster, 29, was initially arrested for burglarizing a Louisville home but is now facing further charges after corrections officers discovered she was hiding hypodermic needles inside her “vajayjay,” reports The Smoking Gun. Though her smuggling technique may seem surprising, it’s not an unheard-of strategy for a female criminal.

A report filed by a Louisville Metro Department of Corrections officer notes that, before her pat-down, Webster was asked if she had any contraband and said no.

After the needles were discovered, Webster said she needed them because she was a her0in addict.

“The needles appeared empty but may have drug residue,” the report adds.

Nobody wants druggie box.  Well, maybe somebody does but…..that’s still doesn’t excuse this raunchy crackish behavior.

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