More Questions Than Answers: Greatest Unsolved Celebrity Mysteries

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Life’s short…and then you die (unless you’re 2pac who performed at Coachella last year) which makes solving these celebrity mysteries essential before you go. Most will never be solved but, hopefully, we’ll all still be alive when some are.

Here are the ten greatest unsolved celebrity mysteries. Take a look.


Why Honey Nut Cheerios, Kevin? –

Thousands of delicious, nutritious cereals and Kevin Garnett picked Honey Nut Cheerios to anger Melo? Why those, and not store-brand Honey Nut Spins, Raisin Bran or Cocoa Puffs. No decent woman wants to taste like Cocoa Puffs.


Will Beyonce write like an 8th grader forever? –

Bey Bey is too grown to still be dotting every ‘i’ with hearts and smiley faces. Why she continues to remind the world that she’s 8th grade educated, we may never know.


Did Kanye smash Erykah Badu? –

Yeezy went from rocking “Carlton Banks”-couture to wearing shimmery snow creature costumes in public. That’s either pure yayo or Badu box. We say Badu box.


Was Amil pregnant with Jay-Z’s baby? –

“And I’m having a child, which is more frightening…” – Hovvy Hov on Amil’s “4 Da Fam” (2000). At the time, rumors swirled that Amil was the mother but no one other than Memph Beek and his formal du-rag collection really knows.


Who is Chris Brown’s (worthless) publicist? –

It seems like his/her only purpose is to erase Chris’ insanity-fueled tweets after the media has already villainized him. Worst, most ineffective publicist ever.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys and Lil Mama

Why did Lil Mama crash Hovvy Hov and Homewrecker Keys VMAs performance? –

Bless Lil Mama’s heart. That ballsy little fellow’s BOLD. So young, mildly-talented and handsome. Hate it had to be her.

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    Bruno Mars

    Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae the same person? –

    Have you ever seen Janelle and Bruno in the same place, at the same time?


    Why would Kobe Bryant do this? –

    Kobe is the corniest superstar alive with more championship rings than friends and this Vanity Fair photo shoot proved it.


    Musiq still hasn’t fixed his wonky eye. Why? –

    The smedium-sized soulchild fell off the stage during a show because he had shades on inside a dark venue. Why continue living like this?


    Why did Hurricane Chris perform “Halle Berry” for Louisiana Congress? –

    Levees were shattered, millions were helpless and Hurricane Chris performed “Halle Berry” in his finest Burlington Coat Factory suit at the state’s House chamber. THIS was supposed to give people hope?

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