Race Matters: Employers Inherently Racist During Hiring Process And More Likely To Hire “Their Own Kind” According To Study

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Employers Inherently Racist During Hiring Process

Did your hiring manager look “like you”??

According to Telegraph UK:

In a fake shortlisting process for an academic job at a university, white participants acting as managers were more likely to advance white candidates. When shown the same set of equally strong CVs, non-white participants favoured the non-white candidates over white ones, although their level of bias was not as strong, the study found.

Researchers described the findings as “extraordinary and very worrying”, and suggested it could make it tougher for applicants from ethnic minorities to find jobs. Prof Geoffrey Beattie, former head of psychology at the University of Manchester, showed 96 participants four equally strong CVs with photographs attached, and asked them to narrow the shortlist down to two.

Half of the candidates were white and half were not, but more than 60 per cent of white participants shortlisted the two white candidates
compared with just 6.3 percent who chose both non-white applicants. Only 4.2 percent of non-white candidates selected two white candidates, and more than 25 per cent chose both non-white applicants, according to a report in Times Higher Education.


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