Gun Control: Chris Rock Suggests People Purchasing Firearms Be Required To Hold A Mortgage Because, “Every Mass Killer Lives With His Mother”

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Good idea or is he smokin’ rocks? Chris Rock has a few ideas about how to keep guns out of the wrong hands, namely requiring people who purchase them to also be homeowners.

Via NY Daily News reports:

Chris Rock has a suggestion for reducing gun violence: Limit gun ownership to people with mortgages.

“Every mass killer lives with his mother,” said Rock. “It’s never people who have their own place.”

His suggestion would address the issue of personal history, Rock noted, “because every mortgage already comes with a real background check.”

It would also have a pre-deterrent effect on potential perpetrators.

“If you go to jail for 30 years,” said Rock, “you’d still have to pay that mortgage.”

Rock made his suggestion at a TV critics panel for “Totally Biased,” the W. Kamau Bell late-night talk show that Rock executive-produces.

Rock had a standup routine years ago in which he suggested guns should be given out free, but bullets should cost $5,000.

He may have a point with both of those suggestions. Do you hate or love Chris Rock’s ideas about gun control or should he stick to making jokes about marriage and race?

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