Bittersweet? Man Auctions Off ‘Bushmaster’ Gun Used In Sandy Hook Shooting And Uses Proceeds To Save Baby’s Life

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Man Auctions Off ‘Bushmaster’ Type Gun Used In Sandy Hook Shooting To Raise Money For Sick Baby

A Texas gun shop owner is making headlines after he was discovered to be auctioning off the exact same type of rifle used in last month’s horrific Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings and using the proceeds to help pay the medical bills of a co-worker’s deeply ill baby.

The man says he wants to show the world that guns can save lives, not take them, when in the hands of law abiding citizens.

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To raise funds for a sick baby in need, a gun shop owner is auctioning off the same type of firearm used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

“I want to prove that guns do actually save lives,” Michael Cargill, founder of Central Texas Gun Works in Austin, told

The 11-month-old daughter of one of Cargill’s employees has Atrial Septal Defect, a heart condition that will require surgery unless the family raises enough money for an alternative treatment, according to the Burnt Orange Report.

To help his worker collect the funds, Cargill, a self-proclaimed Democrat, is raffling off a Bushmaster, one of three guns Adam Lanza used to kill 20 students and six faculty members at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last month.

While Cargill told that he wasn’t trying to make a statement by choosing to auction off this particular gun, the Bushmaster is inextricably tied to a number of horrific mass shootings, according to The Huffington Post.

While we think this man going out of his way to help his co-worker’s family in their time of need is certainly commendable, we also think it would have been in better taste to find another type of gun from his shop to auction off.

What say you Bossip fam?

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