Say What? The Dumbest Celebrity Insults Of All Time

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Dumbest Celebrity Insults

Throughout the years there have been some incredible knockout slander from celebrity to celebrity. From Nas and Jay-Z’s battles to 50 Cent and Ja Rule’s public scuffles there’s been some grade-A stuff from star to star. However, some stars offer total clunkers when trying to insult others. With that said we grabbed some of the dumbest insults of all time. Let’s send these stars back to the drawing board.


Shaq – There isn’t much more awkward than Shaq rapping “tell me how my a$$ taste.”


Kevin Garnet – Regardless of how riled up Melo got, the Honey Nut Cheerios insult was lame as hell.


Chris Brown – He told that comedian he’d poo in her ear. That’s your best Breezy?


MC Hammer – His diss video about Jay-Z was the worst thing ever.


Mariah Carey – She dissed Eminem by…dressing up as him for a video. Weird. It wasn’t as bad as…


Nick Cannon – His Eminem diss was the lamest thing. No wonder he stopped rapping.

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    Nicki Minaj hosts the New Year's Eve affair at Pure Nightclub inside Caesars Palace Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV

    Nicki Minaj – How do you show Lil Kim you’re the new Queen Bee? You yell “Stupid H*e” 77 times during a song. That’s the trick.


    50 Cent – In an attempt to get back at Rick Ross, he dressed as a guy with a curl and filmed his baby momma having sex with a stranger. Boy, Fiddy done fell off.

    Clint Eastwood talks to the chair at the RNC Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    Clint Eastwood – He pretended Obama was a chair and sent insults his way in front of the world. We all got uncomfortable.


    Eminem – At the height of his drugs, he went in the booth and did a whole song sounding like Triumph The Comic Dog making fun of celebrities. It was a horrible song full of stupid insults.

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