Kanye And Kris Jenner At Odds Over Kimye Baby, GrandMomager Already Has $250 Million Plans For Bundle Of Joy [Photos]

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It’s no secret that Yeezy and his future mother-in-law don’t always see eye to eye. But with KimYe bringing a baby into the world, the two are having big issues over how much the child will be brought into the spotlight for financial gain.

Via National Enquirer reports:

“World War III has erupted between Kris and Kanye!” pro­claimed a source.

“While he’s determined to wrestle control of Kim’s career away from Kris, she’s already cooking up plans for her un­born grandchild that could amount to a $250 million pay­day.

“Now poor Kim is left trying to play peacemaker between Kanye and her mom.”

THE REALITY TV MATRIARCH, 57, has been clashing with Kanye for months, insiders say, and the 35-year-old Grammy winner fired the latest salvo in their battle when he dropped the baby bomb­shell at a Dec. 30 concert.

“Kanye pur­posely announced the news of Kim’s pregnancy during his show because he wanted to beat Kris to the punch,” said the source.

“He knew Kris would want to milk the announcement for maximum exposure, but Kanye wants to distance Kim from her family’s empire.

“He’s already warned her that their baby will not be joining the Kardashian family reality TV business. He’s also saying he isn’t ‘selling his baby out’ with a magazine spread, and he’ll release the first baby pic­ture on one of his social media accounts.”

Despite Kanye’s wishes, Kris is plowing ahead with nego­tiations for a huge photo spread and more, said an insider.

“Kris went behind Kanye’s back and begged Kim to sell a ‘pregnancy diary,’ which she believes can fetch $5 million,” the insider revealed.

“She’s also encouraging Kim to launch a maternity fashion line, plus a baby and toddler line, and she’s enlisted (Kim’s sister) Kourtney to help.”

Kris also wants Kim, 32, to finalize her divorce from Kris Humphries so she can stage a Kim-Kanye nuptial extravaganza, said the insider.

“Kris is pushing Kim to pony up $25 million to make her marriage go away,” said the source.

“She’s already talking about or­ganizing a TV wedding for Kim and Kanye. Kris wants to do something crazy, like staging an elaborate Mid­dle Eastern-themed ceremony in Dubai or a princess ceremony in a castle in Italy.

“She’s prepared to drop $20 mil­lion on the wedding if Kim and Kanye will agree to let it be televised. Kris believes she can earn all that money back and then some.”

Despite Kris’ plans, Kanye wants to help Kim break out on her own, and he insists their child will not follow them into show business, said the source. “The battle between Kanye and Kris is shaping up into an epic feud,” said the insider.

“Kris is determined to turn her unborn grandchild into the next Kardashian star – and cash cow!”

SMH. This lady is cray cray. Then again, so is Ye. This could get really interesting and might be one time we truly want to see the reality cameras rolling on the Kardashian fam.

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Kanye and KimmyCakes continued got in a little break from the Kris Jenner madness with some retail therapy at the Balenciaga store in Paris Friday. Can you see a lil bit of a baby bump on Kim?



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