All Sausage Everything: Tourist Hot Spots Where Women Are Legally Not Allowed To Visit

- By Bossip Staff

A world without women? These places say bring it on.

Tourists Spots Where Women Are Forbidden To Go

Men love women, it’s a fact. But unfortunately, there are more than a few places in the world that are on an all-meat diet. Translation: No girls allowed.

via Fox News

Whether via girlfriend getaways, solo sojourns or adventure-heavy holidays, women are traveling more than ever these days. But even in today’s age of increasing gender equity, there are spots across the globe where the absence of a Y chromosome means a traveler must tread lightly – or not at all.

Many of these bans on females are steeped in religious tradition and etiquette, but is a reminder of how far, or not, women have come.

Let’s take a look at a few bromance-heavy tourist and popular vacation spots that are strictly sausage courtesy of Fox News.

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