New Couple: Has Common Made A “Luv” Connection?

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common nzingha hugged up

Following a Friday night screening of his new film “Luv” in Atlanta Common hit the club, Reign Nightclub to be exact. And while his “assistant” Kristin was also seen on the scene, it was video director Nzingha Stewart who had all of Comm’s attention.

common look nzingha

Common and Nzingha have collaborated on a number of his videos over the years, so that may explain why they’re so at ease with one another. Still, we gotta ask — is he choppin’ than thang to smithereens???

Hit the flip for more flicks of the “friendly” flirts.

common holding nzingha

He put that good grip on her.

common whispers

Whispering sweet nothings…

common flirt

Laughter is always a good sign of chemistry

common kristin hugged up

And there’s his faithful assistant

common kristin

Looks like she had a blast

common nzingha

Don’t you think they’d make a good match?

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