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70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

SMH. Quentin Tarantino continued to push Spike Lee’s buttons during the press conference following his Golden Globe Awards win.

Via E! News reports:

Less than a minute into his press conference backstage at the 70th Annual Golden Globes, the Django Unchained winner dropped the N-word. The usually bustling press room fell silent for a second; a reporter could be heard letting out a whistle, as in, “Oh, boy.”

The filmmaker’s choice language came as he fieldied a question about his controversial, slavery-era spaghetti Western. Tarantino was not apologizing.

Critics who think the N-word should not have been spoken by his 19th century characters, the mile-a-minute Tarantino argued, are “saying I should massage. They’re saying I should whitewash. They’re saying I should lie.”

Don Cheadle, a winner for House of Lies, who took the stage right after Tarantino, couldn’t resist picking up the thread.
“Please no [N-word] questions,” Cheadle told reporters. “Black people questions are all right.”

For the record, Cheadle said he hadn’t seen Django, but was looking forward to checking it out.

Is Tarantino going too far by using the word outside of the film? Is he just trying to make a point or do you think he’s actually fond of this particular racial slur? Is it EVER okay for whites to use the n-word?


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