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Aww, look at Whitney and Bobbi Kristina getting there little shine on at the Swavorski Fashion Rocks event in London. Whitney is looking damn good, like she’s added something other than rocks to her diet. While these two are out stuntin (and not like her daddy) abroad, Bobby is out somewhere shucking, jiving, and denying heart attacks trying to make ends meet, Poor thang.

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  • chawklit girl

    First!!!1 Awwh I’m glad that girl has grown up! I remember seeing her on the reality show… I was a bit scared that she was takin after her daddy!

  • Mactanque
  • Ohno

    She looks just like Bobby.

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  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    Whit does look good w/the pound of powder and added lashed. I aint hating, cuz she looks far better than she did a few months ago. However, I’m still not ready to give SMART MOUTH Bobbi Kris a pass. She dissed her Dad too much on the television show, so I know she shows no respect for him off cameras!! She still needs that azz whupped!!!

  • D. Lewis-Thompson

    I am so glad that Whitney is getting it together. Even little Bobbi Kris is looking a lot better from her Being Bobby Brown days.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Nice pic.

  • AND...

    Bout damn time Whitney and Bobbi Kris is turning into quite the lady.

  • Ohno

    Bobbi and Bobby are twins.

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  • Ohno

    She looks just like her daddy.

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  • helltothanaw

    Yea!! Whitney!! Good to see her looking fabulous. Keep it up!!

  • Dolla Billy

    Why can’t Bobby get no love?? I’m on your team Rob.

  • Royal Chocolate

    They look fabulous!!!!

  • Mahogany

    They look nice and polished.

    Team M.A.C. !!!


  • it's me

    They both look very nice. Bobbi Kristina is growing into a pretty young lady. This is a major improvement from those “Being Bobby Brown” days (I was a little worried).

  • Linda

    It’s nice to see them together. Lookin nice.

  • shann1233

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  • keisha

    I just want to say that Whitney Houston looks simply amazing. See what leaving nothing ass dudes will do for you. I am happy for her.

  • Karma

    They look amazing. I was a little worried about Bobbi Kristina…but she looks beautiful here…hope she keeps it up, after all she is the daughter of celebrities. Gotta keep up the appearances.

  • jsutme

    good 4 whitney she actually looks healthy and happy for a change!hope she sticks with it! I hope she goes back to acting!waiting to exhale and the preache’s wife were soo good! and thats the best i have ever seen bobbi jr. look! i guess she’s finally getin all that attention she missed out on growing up.

  • Billys Jeans

    Whitney does look good though. Whitney if you’re reading this, come holla at me boo!

  • Sassy

    They look GREAT!!!!!

  • The Real Essence 1

    Aw maybe now Whtiney can come back & show these fake “divas” how it’s really done!

    Looking Good Nippy!

  • Lisa

    Why are most of yall saying yall was ‘worried about Bobbie Kristina when she was on the show’. She was just a chunky kid and not ugly. She looked like her dad or an avg kid. You people are so mean saying that like that!!!!!!!!!

  • Tabitha

    I think Bobbi Kris will at some point go see a plastic surgeon about the nose….but other than that she looks great!

    How old is she anyway?

  • Puff Daddy is so fine!

    Get of Bobbi K she working with what she got. If Bobby was your daddy (ladies) you’d have a lot to deal with too! Whitney you betta do the damn thing! “Hell to the yeah!” I cant wait till her new album comes out. So sick of all the drug jokes.

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