Another Car Accident?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Halle Berry discusses being pregnant and getting into a car accident in an interview with Tavis Smiley.

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  • kelis

    I wish her the best in her pregnancy, and I hope she can get some relief… That is a shame for ppl to treat someone like that, esp. someone who is pregnant. *smh*

  • kelis

    no u werent.. lol

  • JaliliMaster

    this is so funny:

    How many Brothers are we going to have to see embarrassing themselves like that? SMH

  • JaliliMaster

    Kelis I swear, I WAS FIRST!

  • Traycee

    JaliliMaster………A HAWT ASS MESS!!! LMAO

    I do agree though….dayum shame.

  • Traycee

    Oh yeah….the Halle post. Man, those paps are crazy. I hope she makes it through her pregnancy in one piece and have a healthy, vibrant baby. There should REALLY be an ordinance of some sort against those damn paps! They’re dangerous.

  • kelis

    Okay sweetie, I’ll let u have this one.. lol

  • Roberto

    I wish her the best, and i’m glad she and baby wasn’t hurt

  • Bronx Brawler

    Damn she needs to hire a driver how many accidents can 1 person have? Did she run from accident like last time? lol I have sympathy for a woman who gets her a** beat so bad that she loses some of her hearing. Damn you Westley Snipes!!!!! after the feds knock your head off you’ll have to prove all that marial arts shyt in Lewisburg.

  • ray ray

    I think the paps do invade people’s privacy, but I can’t imagine a reason why I would try to evade them and wreck my own car.

  • LolaCola

    I WANT to see a picture of Halle picking out her apples, or going to lunch at a friends house or picking up her dogs from the

    Seriously I want to see what she is wearing while she is pregnant, so I can copy her style when I am pregnant.

    I like Halle though, and I wish her well…and a healthy pregnancy.

    btw..that was the most boring interview ever. I think most women would be uncomfortable with Tavis Smiley..he seems creepy to he would stare at your breasteses and lick his dry chops…ugh

  • shann1233

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  • booo F-ing Hoo

    I blame Halle. She has beeenn known papparazzi are after stars thats why most choose to keep thier pregnancies secret because they don’t want extra unwanted attention during that sensitive time! I’m pregnant now and I don’t care whats going on around me I’m not about to drive fast or unaware or distracted because I KNOW im pregnant. Why was she running from them anyway let them take the pics, sh!t ur childs safety is wayyy more important. Stupid Halle Berry,boohoo-ing and crying as usual. She is such a victim. ugh

  • Roberto

    ^^^you’re an idiot, and she has NOT been in 5 hit and runs, ….lets see how well you’ll can drive with folks chasing you

  • Lil Mama

    Poor Halle, I hope her and her baby are ok.

  • Dymo

    Halle is a sweet girl/woman but she tends to panic easily, and these photogs know it, so they purposely try to get her panicked to get hot photos.

    She needs to stop driving, get a driver or take a long Caribbean vacation.

  • JerseyBred

    Must suck being a celeb. & she’s right about the media not reporting that incident cuz I hadn’t heard of this until now. She’s gotta worry about the paps & that bigot that threatened to kill & her baby.

  • A. Anne

    how does that hurt her if they get a pic of her in her car? why be so desperate not to let them get a pic that she crashes her car? she’s stupid.

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