A “Lil Positivity”: Star NC State Baller CJ Leslie Saved Wheelchair-Bound Student From Being Trampled In Celebratory Stampede! [Video]

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This that isht we DO like!

North Carolina State Baller Saves Wheelchair-Bound Student From Stampede

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Triumph nearly turned tragic at a college basketball game after a student fell from his wheelchair in the middle of a rowdy crowd. Fortunately, N.C. State forward C.J. Leslie rescued the young man from being trampled.

Will Privette, a senior at N.C. State, was among the red sea of jubilant students who flooded the court to celebrate the team’s 84-76 victory over the No. 1 Duke Saturday.

“Everyone was loud. Everyone was getting into it,” Privette told the Daily News. “It was so fast (rushing the court) … I was just excited.”

Privette had rushed the court before when the Wolfpack beat the Blue Devils in 2010. But that time he cautiously waited for the first wave of fans to reach center court before joining.

This time, however, Privette – who plans to attend every NC State men’s basketball game this season – could not contain his enthusiasm. He accepted student body president Andy Walsh’s offer to push him out as soon as the buzzer went off.

Will goes on to say:

“We went straight to the middle, which probably was better because if we’d have gone to the side we would have gotten hit worse,” Privette told USA Today.

He was unintentionally knocked to the floor as the jubilant crowd continued to grow. Privette said on TODAY that he thinks NC State shooting guard Rodney Purvis was knocked into him.

“I got hit from one side,” he said. “It was like a wave. It toppled me over.”

Leslie, who scored 25 points, maintained his presence of mind after the game and rushed through the swarm of fans to Privette’s aid.

The star athlete lifted Privette up into his arms to save him from being crushed. He initially planned to simply place Privette back in his wheelchair.

But Privette, rather than being shaken up by the incident, started cheering immediately. So Leslie held Privette in his arms for about three minutes, cheering along with one of N.C. State’s biggest fans.

Thats a beautiful thing, way to go CJ!

You can watch Will tell his story below.

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